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Christer Nuutinen

  1. Helsinki, Finland
  2. Electronic
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    by Pelagos
    Cathedral On The Beach Cathedral On The Beach
  2. Life Given to Quiet Places
    by Oen Sujet
    Bird and Binocular Bird and Binocular
    World needs more music like this.
  3. Rap Album Two
    by Jonwayne
    Out of Sight Out of Sight
  4. Mountain EP
    by Pelagos
    Mountain Mountain
    On Mountain Pelagos undergoes an interesting ecdysis of the band's earlier musical form.

    The title track's blunt synth brass-organ pounding is a real ear-opener, followed by something that can be best described as gothic crooning with a touch of stadium-sized atmosphere. Pretty adequate for a song about a mountain.

    EP is further filled with more exhilarating mutated pieces hinting at various musical bloodlines.
  5. GHST x DH
    by Pelagos
    Ghost Ghost
    appears in 1 other collection
  6. Offal (1999-2014)
    by datassette
    Wggoog B (2007) Wggoog B (2007)
  7. In Echelon
    by Matt Robertson
    Hold Hold
    Enchanting spatial movements, like something massive floating accross the sky in the last rays of the setting sun.
  8. Black Mill Tapes Vol.1
    by Pye Corner Audio
    Transmission One: Lonesome Vale Transmission One: Lonesome Vale
    Evokes a feeling of finding something rare and delicate in a forgotten vault.
  9. Galactic Melt
    by Com Truise
    VHS Sex VHS Sex
    Music straight out of the alternative universe 80's. Pretty similar to the real one, only turbocharged.
    by Pelagos
    Lowlands Lowlands
    LWLNDS is a miracle blend of solid repetition and pretty, though solemn melodies. It sounds almost like misinterpreted twang music, with layered semi-human vocals as an elegant touch.

    PFTF, for some reason, reminds me of Robert Wyatt. Maybe it is the dry vocal delivery. Another tangent is the fact that I can't help but think greyish brown color palette of early 80's BBC dramas while listening to this. And I mean this in a good way.

    New tones are revealed layer by layer to a patient watcher.
  11. Ceephax Acid Crew Live at 333 Club London 17-10-1997
    by Ceephax Acid Crew
    I simply love this music.
  12. Old Space
    by Clouds
    Touching Diesel Touching Diesel
    Old Space sounds like an ancient, living machine crawling slowly but steadfastly across landscape.
  13. Cathedral On The Beach EP
    by Pelagos
    Sand God Figures Sand God Figures
    Musical mesmerism from Finnish West Coast.
  14. MARKET
    by MARKET
    Syndabock Syndabock
    MARKET marries avant-garde tactics with nicely flowing structures built in post production, thus avoiding the common lengthy aimlessness that troubles many experimental records of this sort.

    This results in many fascinating sounds and excitement of being non-formulaic without the drowsiness induced by the lack of intention.
  15. Freezing Point
    by Satori
    Updraft Updraft
    More goodness from Wheelrock, this time under the name Satori.

    This ambient album has very upright and clean sound that's holds on it's own without excess of effects.
  16. Crépuscule
    by Satori / WheelRock
    Cosmo Cosmo
    Whether of not this record is an actual chronological prequel to Wheelrock's excellent Crépuscule II, its' effect is more or less the same: mesmerizing.
  17. Crépuscule II
    by WheelRock
    Lumière Lumière
    It appears that this album is done solely on CZ-5000, the crown jewel of Casio's CZ Phase Distortion synthesizers from mid to late 80's.

    Still, it would be a grave mistake to overlook this record as a demo, or novelty.

    This is solidly executed sonic vision with clear and lyrical soundscape.
  18. Stökiss
    by Eevil Stöö
    Titanic (tattis based god versio) Titanic (tattis based god versio)
    Eevil Stöö is my favorite Finnish rapper because of his deadpan humour and refreshingly offbeat angle on the game.

    His music tributes Memphis scene with slow beats, pitch shifts and stories from the dark side.

    His work with the mixboard wizard KOKSU KOO on albums "Stöö of Destruction, Vol. 1" and "F*ck Vivaldi" is nothing short of outstanding.

    "Stökiss" collects obscure material and remixes into an uneven, but nevertheless interesting mixtape.
  19. World Dissolver EP
    by Ceephax Acid Crew
    Godzilla Godzilla
    ALERT! These tunes hijack your brain faster than fevered ego gulps a laced banana.

    50% extreme melodic catchiness + 50% rhythms fine-tuned to reprogram your heart. Can't stop recommending.
  20. Torero
    by 23:23
    Above Magic Above Magic
    I was quite astonished to learn that these sounds actually were made by a contemporary in my close neighbourhood in Helsinki, not in a forgotten studio in some alternative reality.

    "Torero" is packed tight with post-nervous breakdown garage-pop goodies in a spirit of Robert Pollard and Dirty Beaches.
  21. Shroud
    by Chester Endersby Gwazda
    Globes Globes
    I came accross "Shroud" when I heard Dan Deacon's interview on NPR. Gwazda was the producer of Deacon's epic "America".

    And it figures! "Shroud" is full of unnerving, claustrophobic and great pop music.

    Gwazda, clearly a genius of arrangements, boldly goes down the route of unlimited tracks. Layered vocals and percussion are especially evident on the album.
  22. The Aviatrix
    by datassette
    Weather Conditions Weather Conditions
    Datassette has a very pleasing, original sound. I especially like the way J. M. Davies builds the textures and the basslines.
  23. Can You Smell Maths?
    by datassette
    Malfunction Malfunction
    If you've ever wondered what a dream team of Boards of Canada joining with Kraftwerk would sound like, I believe you will - like myself - love this record.

    Electro-organic textures, solid glitchy percussion and musical memes of old favorites combine here for some tasty listening.
  24. Space Rubbish (Game+OST)
    by Slakinov
    Space Rubbish Theme Space Rubbish Theme
    Signature Datassette sounds aplenty: that wandering bass, tight percussion, incredible textures and funky synths.

    The first half of the record contains the more catchy tracks and the latter moodier pieces.
  25. Shatnereffekt One
    by Datashat
    Stop The Message (Widescreen Edit) Stop The Message (Widescreen Edit)
    First track is mash-up culture at its best in its juicy combination of italo disco, N.Y. rap and robotic voicing.

    Other tracks go somewhat less funky route, still being rather
    excellent in their own right. Especially the eerily wonky and beautiful "Out to Lunch".
  26. Datassette
    by datassette
    Vapour Trails Vapour Trails
    This record genre-hops from chiptunes to Squarepusher-esque tech-rock via electro and idm.

    Still, "Datassette" is not aimless mish-mash of influences but a consistent body of work. J.M. Davies has a knack for creating evocative, balanced soundscapes.