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  1. Nektyr
    by Demen
    Korridorer Korridorer
  2. Subtemple
    by Burial
    Beachfires Beachfires
    I love that Burial got more in touch with his ambient side for this small release. Fantastic sound design here.
  3. Villa
    by Nap
    Ungeheuer Ungeheuer
    Jam band from Germany with a great mix of rock, psychadelic, and surf music, believe it or not. Vocals are sparse but make it count when they appear. Definitely harkens back to an older era of music. I love it.
  4. 3
    by tricot
    18,19 18,19
    Tricot come back with what I think is their most consistent album yet. Fantastic musicianship as always, but maybe they played it a bit safe with this offering in comparison to their previous album, AND.
  5. Meta
    by Car Bomb
    Secrets Within Secrets Within
    A face-smashing, mechanical bundle of controlled chaos. I can't heap enough praise for the killer mix. Everything sounds so great.
  6. Thumper
    by Brian Gibson
    Road Road
    This OST makes me nervously sweat, and I'm not even playing the game right now.
  7. American Football (Deluxe Edition)
    by American Football
    Honestly? Honestly?
    This is the album that every other emo album of its kind is compared against. Truly seminal. The whiny vocals, the guitar passages, the's all here.
  8. American Football (LP2)
    by American Football
    Born to Lose Born to Lose
    Seventeen years later, American Football comes back older, slightly wiser, and definitely more polished in comparison to their debut album. Those expecting to hear a copy of themselves from 1999 won't find it here.

    It's fantastic to hear how the band has evolved since getting back together. The musicianship is off the charts here, with special recognition to the drummer. Exceptionally tight.
  9. Captain Ganja and the Space Patrol
    by Tradition
    Frenzied Friends and Fiends Frenzied Friends and Fiends
    A fun, dubby romp through space. Lots of experimentation to be had here. As someone who does not listen to dub very much, this was a pleasant surprise to come across.
  10. Red Bird
    by Outrun the Sunlight
    Remaining in a Constant State of Discomfort Remaining in a Constant State of Discomfort
    A solid album showing the band incorporating more post-rock ideas and atmosphere in comparison to their previous works. Beautiful artwork, beautiful music. You owe yourself a listen.
  11. Fresh Squeezed
    by Limes
    Hooplah Hooplah
    Excellent, jazzy chill-hop. Great destresser.
  12. Odyssey (Vinyl Edition)
    by HOME
    Rains (Bonus Track) Rains (Bonus Track)
    Warm and soft electronic music that I think will stand the test of time. Worth it alone for the bonus tracks, a great addition to an already amazing album.
  13. CURVE
    by Miroist
    29% 29%
    Album is solid. Art is memorable. Liner notes are a great, intriguing read. I love everything about this. Looking forward to future material!

    "29%" and "The closing of your eye" are standout tracks.
  14. Lunar
    by Without Waves
    Us Against Us Against
    Unique album that touches on a lot of different genres. Not very cohesive when listened to from beginning to end, but all of the songs individually are quality!

    The album's lighter points are where I think Without Waves truly shines. Us Against is a beautiful number followed by Never Quite Know Why, lulling you into a comfortable place before throttling you again.
  15. Staring At The Odds
    by Kinkajous
    Cloud Four Cloud Four
    Great nu-jazz from across the pond.
  16. Winter
    by Fen
    I (Pathway) I (Pathway)
    A giant black metal release that mixes it up with doom, progressive rock, and even some elements of shoegaze here and there. Worth the trip.
  17. Foreword
    by Disperse
    Surrender Surrender
    Don't get scared if you're reading that a progressive metal band started leaning into pop music territory. I had my own doubts when I got through my first playthrough, but repeated listening has shown that there's a LOT of fantastic material on here for you to like. Musicianship is tight. Take the plunge.
  18. Milieu [Remastered]
    by Milieu
    Honeysuckles Honeysuckles
    An engrossing, mesmerizing dream I never had in the form of 22 songs.
  19. Gunkajima [Expanded & Remastered]
    by Milieu
    Blind Horses Whipped By The Dead Blind Horses Whipped By The Dead
    First album I ever heard by Milieu in 2010 on Pandora. Incredibly memorable dark drone and field recordings. The Coppice Halifax piece is a great addition.
  20. II: Plains/Patterns
    by Billow Observatory
    Plains Plains
    I am instantly reminded of the soundtrack to the game Eufloria. These seven songs are beautiful, airy, and positive. The cream and orange cover art is a great choice to convey the music held within.

    "Nulstil" is my favorite from this offering, a fantastic piece, along with "Plains".
  21. Atrament
    by A Sense of Gravity
    Promised None Promised None
    I'm so glad I came across this band. Absolutely tight musicianship! These guys definitely deserve more recognition than they currently have; hope they get a label deal in the future.

    "Artificially Ever After", "Revenant/Guise Of Complacency", and "Promised None" are standout tracks to me.
  22. Low
    by Sundrugs
    Somnolence Airlines Somnolence Airlines
    Great dark ambient music here along with some industrial and electronic peeking in. You owe it to yourself to listen to "2082" in full and bliss out, but the rest of the album is also pretty solid.
  23. IV
    Speaking Gently Speaking Gently
    BBNG decided to drop some of the jam band aesthetics from their previous albums in favor of more cohesive song structure in the form of lounge-ish music. I think this really worked out for them here, even though perhaps it sounds like the band doesn't know what sound(s) it wants to settle on yet. Great music to be had here and looking forward to whatever they release next.

    Oh, do yourself a favor and watch the music video for Lavender. Thank me later.
  24. Black Focus
    by Yussef Kamaal
    Strings Of Light Strings Of Light
    Why are you reading this? Go grab this album right now! One of the most impressive and important jazz releases in 2016. You'll love it, take my word.
  25. The Tired Sounds of
    by Stars of the Lid
    Requiem for Dying Mothers, Part 2 Requiem for Dying Mothers, Part 2
    A very important turning point in sound for SotL, with more prominent classical instrumentation displayed throughout the majority of the album. There is a ton of material in here to listen to, so set aside a couple hours to fully digest this.

    Favorite suite by far is Requiem For Dying Mothers. The audio sample of the dog whimpering while shuffling a bowl around...tugs at my heartstrings every time.
  26. Deeper Than Sky
    by VHOL
    Paino Paino
    Great, heavy-hitting and sometimes goofy jams from this group. They sound like they're having just an absolute blast and you should be, too.
  27. Our Imaginary Birds
    by Radere
    Of Air-Borne Grace & Finality Of Air-Borne Grace & Finality
    Not an overstatement to say that this release is up there with some of the most memorable ambient music I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. If this ever got a physical release, I would grab it up so quickly.
  28. What Graceless Dawn
    Ribbon Of Shadow Ribbon Of Shadow
    Another great release from Worm Ouroboros. The production is a little more muddled and claustrophobic in comparison to their last outing, Come The Thaw, but I think it's still an interesting choice to do so and doesn't detract much from any of the beautiful songs on this album.

    Broken Movements and especially Ribbon Of Shadow are standout pieces here.
  29. Hieroglyphics EP
    by Sorrow
    Lover's Charm Lover's Charm
    Each track on here is an absolute earworm. Hard to pick a favorite track; it's all just so good.
  30. Hyper Light Drifter
    by Disasterpeace
    Flock Flock
    One of the best video game OSTs I have heard in years. A great soundtrack will accompany the story and the world around you while you play, and leave you with memorable moments you can easily pull up in your thoughts while you listen to it later on without playing.

    This soundtrack delivers tenfold. It's engrossing, beautiful, haunting, and at times downright menacing, like with Flock. Disasterpeace did well.
  31. Self Destruction Themes
    by Wordclock
    The Fever of our Waiting The Fever of our Waiting
    Wordclock darkens it up more for their sophomore release, more atmospheric and generally several steps up from Endless, which was great in its own right. A haunting, brooding album that deserves a lot of attention.
  32. Endless
    by Wordclock
    It ain't a bad place It ain't a bad place
    A surprisingly moving first release, very different from most of the music on this label. The first and last tracks stand out as the most memorable to me.
  33. Billow Observatory
    by Billow Observatory
    Slow Billows Slow Billows
    Exceptional ambient music from Jonas Munk and Jason Kolb that I was thankful to have stumbled upon using Pandora. I had listened to both as Manual and Auburn Lull before, so it was a nice surprise to read that they had collaborated.

    I'm hoping time treats this release well. An incredibly calming yet intricate album that deserves to be listened to closely. Good luck, though, because I think the Headphone Commute review put it best: Billow Observatory wants you to dream.
  34. Gone: A Collection of EPs 2000-2007
    by MONO
    Finlandia Finlandia
    I was always a fan of MONO's earlier guitar-driven material. All of the songs here are great in their own right, but Finlandia is an absolute gem.
  35. Purge
    Purge Purge
    Great atmospheric, electro-laden rock from a band that sadly doesn't exist anymore. When I heard Hedron on the local school radio station, I rushed home to find out anything I could about the band only to find out that they had, at the time, JUST split up and there would be no physical release of the album. What I would give to have seen them in concert...