This is Teddy’s music collection on Bandcamp.


  1. Punk
  1. collection 126
  2. following 46
    by SUNAMI
  2. Ghastly Girls' Horticulture Club
    by Terrifying Girls' High School
  3. Lament (Demos)
    by touche amore
    by portrayal of guilt
  5. portrayal of guilt / Chat Pile Split
    by portrayal of guilt
  6. your arms are my cocoon
    by your arms are my cocoon
  7. Replica of a Strange Love
    by Wristmeetrazor
  8. Out of Our Hands
    by Burial Etiquette
  9. fuck the police forever (even vegans wanna see the pigs burn)
    by secondgradeknifefight
  10. pg4: love songs
    by secondgradeknifefight
  11. We Are Always Alone
    by portrayal of guilt
  12. Fall Demo
    by Lights Strung Like Stars
  13. Progress? EP
    by Hesitation Wounds
  14. Smile
    by Crewneck
  15. Might As Well
    by Crewneck
  16. Crewneck
    by Crewneck
  17. Split with WVRM
    by Crewneck
  18. Split with Crewneck
    by WVRM
  19. Han and the Solos - "Teenagers From the Black Lagoon" cassette
    by Han and the Solos
  20. a hedgehog's dilemma
    by 44.caliberloveletter