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  1. Fuck Off Money (Alessandro Cortini Rework)
    by Mogwai
  2. Das Bleep - You Are The Sun EP
    by Dean Garcia
    Sun Sun
    Wow... again so much atmosphere... the Lowend is amazing... Thank you for this cool music. I wish I could be a mice to once see how you work. So cool inspiring music. I listen to this on repeat right now... great work ! Stay safe ! And I once did a curve remix (unofficially) - Would love to hear how you like it... (google Curve + TweakerRay ;-) when you are bored ...) Thanks again !
  3. America (DATA016)
    by Facteur
  4. Tripophobia
    by Narcotic Fields
  5. Chinese Burn - Bootleg Series Vol 2
    by Curve
  6. Spettri
    by Alessandro Cortini
    Spettro III Spettro III
    Alessandro Cortini is one of the most creative inspiring Artists we have right now. This album will take you on a journey (as most of the music by Cortini). If you like synths you won't be dissapointed... amazing live performance on the buchla...
    You will love Spettro III if you liked Avanti...
    Spettro V is haunting...
    Good work !
  7. Hindsight
    by Jeremy Blake
  8. Pretty Eight Machine SE
    by Inverse Phase
  9. Rock Me Famideus
    by Inverse Phase
  10. Derivations
    by Lee Jackson
  11. Prime Cose
    by Alessandro Cortini
    M2 M2
    M2 is such wonderfull track. Thanks again for your music ! Amazing album. But M2 is my favorite....
  12. AVANTI - live Berlin Atonal
    by Alessandro Cortini
    I had the pleasure to see this live in berlin. It was a unbelievable moment to experience this live. A must for me to have this in my collection.
  13. DIRTY A.D.
    by Alessandro Cortini & Baseck
    Alessandro Cortini always inspires. I am happy to also hear colaborations of this amazing musician. The music always set the bar for me to become a better musician. Thank you for all your work ! When I heared a snippet from that I could not wait to get it. Amazing !
  14. Lies
    by Hyper
  15. Doom Playstation: Official Soundtrack - 20th Anniversary Extended Edition
    by Aubrey Hodges
    Doom Playstation: Finale - 20th Anniversary Version Doom Playstation: Finale - 20th Anniversary Version
    Well a extended version ... okay... have to get this too then ;-)

    Thanks for the cool soundtrack ! Amazing work.
  16. Doom Playstation: Official Soundtrack
    by Aubrey Hodges
    Doom Playstation: Main Theme Doom Playstation: Main Theme
    Played this over and over on multiplayer with a link cable on 2 psx with two tv (4:3) hooked against each other... we had to play with headphones because we knew from the sounds of the opposite tv where the other player would be on the map... :-) Thanks for this cool soundtrack. Happy to finally have more than just the few tracks on the ps1 disc... Cheers
  17. Tafelmuzik Means More When You're Alone
    by The Dandy Warhols
  18. The Cyber Den Theme
    by Lee Jackson
  19. Low End Maneuvers EP
    by Spektralisk
  20. Tank
    by Spektralisk