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Trevor Wood

  1. Boulder, Colorado
  2. Electronic
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  1. Slow Glow One
    by Simon Pyke
    Luma Luma
    by Trevor Wood
  3. Sounds of the Sidewalkers
    by Trevor Wood
    Autumn Colors Autumn Colors
  4. LitmUS (Intentionally Blind)
    by Trevor Wood
    Outer Space (performed by Max) Outer Space (performed by Max)
  5. Underneath
    by Michael Wilbur
    Worry and Struggle Worry and Struggle
    Compositions that soar with delicate wings, simple and captivating.
  6. Remedy
    by Son Lux
    Stolen Stolen
    This EP is where I am discovering Son Lux for the first time in my life. I'll never forget it. Amazing.
  7. Divided Restlessly
    by Brad Wallace
    Psychic Spiders Psychic Spiders
    Brad rips with studied and stylistic chops that create not only riveting energy, but palpable musical drama. Satisfying contrasts and confident delivery are the essence of what makes each track so satisfying.
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  8. MaBeatz 01
    by Subalias
    As I Dream ft. Paranom X Jonny Silva As I Dream ft. Paranom X Jonny Silva
  9. Rainbows
    by Altayzie
    LiveWire [Prod. By Tempo] LiveWire [Prod. By Tempo]
  10. a
    by Michael Wilbur
    Bay of Fundy Bay of Fundy
  11. Solo Saxophone/Clarinet
    by Michael Wilbur
    Introduction (angry mushrooms) Introduction (angry mushrooms)
    It has gravity. It is gravity. Listen.
  12. Soothsayer
    by Lax Twins
    Meld Meld
    You know instantly when you are pressing play on a record masterminded by Chris. The sound is signature, and captivating. Soothsayer is another huge success for this hardworking one-man-show. A+
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  13. Onism
    by A Light Among Many
    Rifles Rifles
  14. Ptolemy Polemics
    by Lax Twins
    Saccharine for the Crestfallen Saccharine for the Crestfallen
  15. Public Displays Of Affection
    by Emma Shepard
    Surprise! Surprise!
    Emma Shepard caught me by total surprise, and oh what a wonderful surprise. Her arrangements are impeccable, her lyrics are mesmerizing, and she has a dynamic voice that captivates. Highly recommend.
  16. Space and Time
    by Brad Wallace
    Blood Orange Moon Blood Orange Moon
    Space and Time rips. Listen, I dare you.You will not disagree. This is the real deal. Excellent effort. A+
  17. Kid Blue
    Letter in a Bottle Letter in a Bottle
    In this debut release from Kirksville’s premier DJ and Velociraptors frontman we get everything. And then some.
    This is a fully realized, fleshed out tour de college hip hop. The album teems with a surprising level of fresh talent, and nearly every track is nestled in a lush soundscape with a propulsive beat. There are so many instrumental ideas explored that completion nearly demands a repeat. Also - remember concept albums? If you can lose yourself to an experience, you're in for a treat.
  18. Transducer Sunset
    by Lax Twins
    Sunbraid Sunbraid
    Transducer Suns is pop. It's rock. It's new wave. It's funk. It's electronic. It's acoustic. It's out past 3rd base, holding its own way out in left field. There are moments of mesmerizing melodies, ballistic beats, and haunting harmonies. So many fantastically unique approaches to songcraft are explored in 10 tracks, and when it ends you feel as though you've just completed an aural epic. I enjoyed this album a lot. Kudos, Chris.
  19. a symphony of band-aids for the visionary wound
    by Alexa Dexa
    Skipping Lanterns Skipping Lanterns
    Mesmerizing arrangements.
    Wonderful production and mixing.
    A+ vocals.
    Highly recommended!
  20. Bespoken
    by Johnnyrandom
  21. Passing of the Season (feat. Ashley Foreman)
    by Connor Brennan
    A good friend with an incredible voice and versatile musical talents. Check out some of this ear candy!
  22. Death or Honorable Life EP
    by sundog
    Witches Be Trippin' Witches Be Trippin'
    It's groovy, it's funky. It'll make you wanna move your body. Check it.
  23. TRUCK
    by Early Worm
    Interrupting Trumpet Interrupting Trumpet
    Righteous indie rock.

    Listen to it. Love it.

    You're welcome.