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  1. Sprained Ankle
    by Julien Baker
    Something Something
  2. Tahoma
    by Alda
    In The Wake Of An Iron Wind In The Wake Of An Iron Wind
  3. The Serpent & The Sphere
    by Agalloch
    Dark Matter Gods Dark Matter Gods
  4. Departure Songs
    by We Lost The Sea
    A Gallant Gentleman A Gallant Gentleman
  5. As The Stars
    by Woods of Desolation
    Unfold Unfold
    Great stuff. As soon as I heard 'unfold' I knew I had to get this album. The vocals on that track are painful, in a good way, and together with the guitars produce an effect that I can't really describe adequately.
  6. Heights
    by damascus
    Want for Nothing Want for Nothing
    Solid, well paced post-rock with a technical flair that separates it from most groups in the genre.
  7. Quintessential Ephemera
    by Rosetta
    (Untitled I) (Untitled I)