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Ichos Geraki

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  1. Starstruck
    by Sorry
  2. Told You I'd Be with the Guys
    by Cherry Glazerr
  3. 2016 Sampler
    by Topshelf Records
  4. Our Demo
    by Dez Harley x MEFTAH DJ
  5. second date
    by second date
  6. Limbless
    by Rebecca Peake
  7. 2016 - 2017
    by Amy Rose Hamelin
  8. Cult of Personality / So Sad, So Sad
    by VARSITY
  9. Eye to Eye / Kelly
    by VARSITY
  10. Plain and Fancy Killings
    by Astro Children
  11. I Love You! I Love You! I Love You and I'm in Love with You! Have an Awesome Day! Have the Best Day of Your Life!
    by Terror Pigeon
  12. Yucksongs! 2014:(
    by Terror Pigeon
  13. Live It Up Before You Die It Up!
    by Terror Pigeon
  14. 2 True / 2 Real
    by Love Cop
  15. WWNBB#077 - Unless
    by Crescendo
  16. Demo 2015
    by Rammsier
    Dreamers Dreamers
    Woah! Check this out. Very excellent. :)
  17. I Think I Caught A Glimpse Of God
    by Grace Banks
    Sensual, irreverent, beautiful. One of my favourite songs ever.
  18. DANG
    by Leggy
  19. It Follows
    by Disasterpeace
  21. S/T Cassette
    by blood sister
    Ghost Twin Ghost Twin
  22. ghost pussy
    by blood sister
  23. A New Tomorrow / Dressed in Blue
    by Zoltan Freitag
    Dressed in Blue Dressed in Blue
    Zoltan is just amazing.
  24. The Crooked Mile
    by Birdengine
    No Arms And No Friends No Arms And No Friends
    Better than that thing that you think is really good.
  25. Eat Yr Heart Out
    by Love Cop
    Eat Yr Heart Out Eat Yr Heart Out
    Watch Lovecop doing stuff:
  26. Nice Try
    by Leggy
    Peach Peach
    Leggy are the future.
  27. Watermelon Summer
    by Annabelle Chairlegs
    Axe Me If I Care Axe Me If I Care
    Fantastic. Mostly.
  28. Haxel Princess
    by Cherry Glazerr
    I like the way it smells.
  29. A Town For Tomorrow
    by Larks
    I Am Sitting in a Tomb I Am Sitting in a Tomb
    It's the missing link that seperates Shostakovich and The Vengaboys.
  30. Lunar Odyssey
    by John Rankine
    Lunar Odyssey Part 3 Lunar Odyssey Part 3
    Some guy time travels to the sixties, takes acid in space, and plays the organ.
  31. Smother Your Brother
    by Daddyo's
    Damsels Damsels
    I just love it. Isn't that enough? Because it's lovable.