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  1. 緑の手紙
    by ミツキヨ
    緑の手紙 緑の手紙
    This album is pretty much a Japanese dream adventure in music form, it is pure joy for my ears. Highly recommended!
  2. Origine (The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2)
    by Ancient Bards
    Light Light
    Ancient Bards create astounding symphonic epic metal, and is album is no exception. Amazing vocals, captivating music that balances the orchestra and the actual metal elements very well. If you like the genre this is a must have.
  3. Diamanti
    by Temperance
    Pure Life Unfolds Pure Life Unfolds
  4. Isabliss
    by Amethystium
    Anthemoessa Anthemoessa
  5. ユメの喫茶店
    by ユメガタリ(ミツキヨ , shnva)
    09 Our home 09 Our home
  6. Balloon Party
    by ミツキヨ
    Balloon Party(Feat.なみりん) Balloon Party(Feat.なみりん)
    Mitsukiyo's music is bound to stamp a smile on your face no matter how hard your day has been. Lovely and catchy melodies coupled with absolutely adorable vocals. If you like j-pop, I highly recommend this.
  7. Fuse
    by LeBrock
    Interstellar Interstellar
    You just can't listen to this album and not feel good vibes. Highly recommended for synthwave fans looking for solid retro-rock melodies.
  8. Imperium
    by Zombie Hyperdrive
    Renaissance Vector Renaissance Vector
  9. Atlas
    by FM-84
    Arcade Summer Arcade Summer
    The band and album that introduced me to the Synthwave genre. Carefully designed soundscapes that give you waves of nostalgic feelings one after the other.
  10. Soulless Child
    by Ancient Bards
    Through My Veins Through My Veins
  11. A New Dawn Ending
    by Ancient Bards
    In My Arms In My Arms
    Ancient Bards have been a revelation to me. They are the right mix of epicness from bands like Rhapsody of Fire and Avantasia and the power of Sara's magnificent voice, succeeding to give to the band a unique style. Bravissimi!
  12. Wanderers
    by Visions Of Atlantis
  13. Aerials
    by Mosaik
    No Way Out But the Sky (ft Hunz) No Way Out But the Sky (ft Hunz)