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  1. All Nighter Vol. 3
    by FORM
  2. Old Works
    by Spire
  3. House KSW/House in Blue
    by 栄免建設株式会社
  4. セレクテッド甘エビワークス
    by Ennnn
  5. ass out EP
    by hallycore
  6. Revengeance/Riot
    by TOMOYU
  7. Teledance
  8. Telo / Shiftin
    by Gage
  9. ボカロNINJA
    by やながみゆき,しろにゃん,KikKuU
  10. Mesmerise
    by Flava D
  11. recreation ep
    by anna
  12. 暴走族は自動運転の夢を見るのか
    by T5UMUT5UMU
  13. Livetune - Tell Your World (Club2Tokyo Remix)
    by Club2Tokyo
  14. 4 Beat for Girls
    by aun6june
  15. 4 Questions
    by Oshirijima
  16. The Bell / Illumination
    by BRISA
  17. Terrarium
    by Carpainter
  18. 泡沫
    by Batsu & EVO+
    by EXELLLA
  20. Deep Inside
    by ZeroFG
  21. [KFK-001] pray e.p.
    by SCIBATTLON, shortnap, Car Tax
  22. Kowareyasuki (Polaris Remix)
    by Guilty Kiss
  23. INNOCENT BIRD (Polaris Remix)
    by AZALEA
  24. Welcome To The Black Wolf Legion (Polaris Remix)
    by Claira Voyant
  25. Sora mo Kokoro mo Hareru Kara (Polaris Remix)
    by Chika Takami, Riko Sakurauchi, You Watanabe
  26. Home (feat. Franklin Danger)
    by Polaris
  27. ときめき分類学 (Polaris Remix)
    by AZALEA
  28. Shelter (Polaris Remix ft. JubyPhonic)
    by Porter Robinson & Madeon
  29. Wake Up
    by Polaris
  30. Re:birth day (Polaris Remix)
    by Roselia
  31. Prologue
    by Polaris
  32. 1000-kai Urunda Sora (Polaris Remix)
    by Poppin'Party
  33. Shadow gate to love (Polaris Remix)
    by Guilty Kiss
  34. POLARISのビーチstroll
    by Polaris
  35. Daydream Warrior (Polaris Remix)
    by Aqours
  36. U C H I U R A
    by Polaris
  37. Guilty Night, Guilty Kiss (Polaris Remix)
    by Guilty Kiss
  38. Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (Polaris Remix)
    by supercell
  39. We Are Number One (Polaris Remix)
    by Lazytown
  40. Guilty Eyes Fever (Polaris Remix)
    by Guilty Kiss
  41. Yozora wa Nandemo Shitteru no? (Polaris Remix)
    by CYaRon!
  42. Alone (Polaris Remix)
    by Marshmello
  43. トリコリコ PLEASE!! (Polaris Remix)
    by AZALEA
  44. in this unstable world (Polaris Remix)
    by Yoshiko Tsushima
  45. Dist@nt Fields ft. CMKC (Polaris Remix)
    by mikito & masara