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  1. Sing For The Damage We've Done
    by Harakiri for the Sky
  2. Draugadóttinn
  3. Roots to Sever
    by Be'lakor
    If I had to choose a band to listen to until my days are numbered, it would most likely be Be'lakor.
  4. Abwoon D'Bashmaya
    by IndiaJiva
  5. Burn The Remembrance (2013 Remaster)
    by Katatonia
  6. Hold Me Forever (In memory of my mom Nancy York Carroll)
    by Bucketheadland
    It's been 4 years since I discovered this gem, and every listening sounds like first time. One of those albums that must be listened to all in one take. B <3
  7. Countless Skies
    by Be'lakor
    "Countless waves around me
    Strong until the last
    Leaning into dimming dreams
    All that was has passed"
    I love this song more than I love myself
  8. The Silence
    by manchester orchestra
  9. Farwell Street
    by verndale
  10. Epitaph
  11. Every Country's Sun
    by Mogwai
  12. Ljós Í Stormi
    by Sólstafir
    Myrkrið vék á brott,
    þú varst ljós í storminum.
  13. Age of the Fifth Sun
    Dark Rift Dark Rift
    Every autumn I go back to this album, there is something special about it, Dark Rift in particular. It touches the very core of your inner being, heals you of grieving for the past events that happened and didn't happen, and gives hope for times to come.
  14. Aftermath
    by Skyforest
    Yearning for the Past Yearning for the Past
    Слов нет, чистая эмоция. Хорошая работа ребята, спасибо вам!
  15. .avi
    by Consecration
  16. Hof úr Holdi
    by ZAKAZ
  17. Listen To Your Heart (Roxette Cover)
    by Revelation
  18. The Tattva (Remastered)
    by aswekeepsearching
    Amazing. Thank you for this beautiful piece of art.
  19. The Last Days
    by Annorkoth
    You're My Only Dream You're My Only Dream
  20. Iris
    by Altars of Grief