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  2. Metal
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    by alfrer beats
  2. Music Is Dead
    by Fulvio Tulli
    The Heart Hurts The Heart Hurts
    Great voice, great songs, great artist! :-)
  3. American Football (Deluxe Edition)
    by American Football
  4. American Football (LP2)
    by American Football
  5. close to you // at once alone
    by Thrill
    not alive // lukas on cello not alive // lukas on cello
    Awesome mixture of Post Rock, Hardcore, Punk and something inbetween!
  6. Kikagaku Moyo
    by Kikagaku Moyo/幾何学模様
  7. Effekthascherei
    by Turbine Stollprona
  8. Under the Spell EP
    by Redscale
    Black Heart Black Heart
    Groovy! Catchy! IN YOUR FACE!!!
  9. Turbine Stollprona
    by Turbine Stollprona
    Kernel Panic Kernel Panic
    Hoch sollen sie leben!
  10. Effekthascherei
    by Turbine Stollprona
    Jens Müller wollte unbedingt ihren Vater anrufen Jens Müller wollte unbedingt ihren Vater anrufen
    S T A L L P O R N O
  11. Peripheral Vision
    by Turnover
  12. Dive
    by Tycho
  13. Doppelganger
    by The Oklahoma Kid
    Scharlatan Scharlatan
    Sechs von Sechs Kronen!
  14. Labyrinth
    by Monomer
  15. Oblivion Hymns
    by Hammock
  16. Departure Songs
    by Hammock
  17. Asteroid - II
  18. Beats und Bratpfanne
    by Die Futschis
  19. Blüht (EP)
    by Kora Winter
    A.E.W. (Leben pflanzen) A.E.W. (Leben pflanzen)
    Brutal und wunderschön, TEAM KORA GO!
  20. Takes Time
    by Jim Guthrie