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  1. Off-Peak OST
    by Archie Pelago
  2. The Norwood Suite Soundtrack
    by Cosmo D
    I played this game on Steam. I had this album OST play at the same time as the game which created crazy Jazz Euclidean rhythms during gamplay. It was heaven.
  3. Eleatics
    by Zeno Machine
  4. Octatrack MK2 - Live resampling tutorial video
    by Dataline
  5. OTmk2 with Roland TB03 and TR09
    by Dataline
  6. MOON EP
    by M.O.O.N.
  7. The Finger & The Moon
    by Budo
  8. Eckoclick EP
    by Eckoclick
    by FEMME
    by FEMME
  11. Broken Age: Original Soundtrack
    by Double Fine Productions
    I am a Broken Age backer.... I love music.... This game (Act 1) is great.... This music is great.... Music for me is a hobby.... My Brain is always mashing up everything I hear.... I love it....
    by Can't Stop Won't Stop
  13. Place To Be
    by Can't Stop Won't Stop (feat. Eyes Lips Eyes)
    Wow, what a great HipHop tune.... so happy and full of life, makes me think of the 90's.... I am gonna stick this song at top of the playlist for when I drive out to work every AM.... Awesome....

    but hey.... the only thing I don't like is the master.... who ever did the final master really blew it by oversaturation of highs and lows... distortion.... sad : (

    My request to the artists: please take the originals and have them remastered by someone else - this is such a great song..... thx