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  1. Along The Dew
    Omission Omission
  2. Barren Wanderer - Single
    by With Horns
    Barren Wanderer Barren Wanderer
    Deliciously unsettling. Really can't wait for the next release.
  3. Plains of the Purple Buffalo (Part 2)
    by *shels
    This track really stood out from the rest of the album for me. While the album as a whole has such breathtaking breadth, this track captures the entire view of the soundscape and condenses it into one song.
    Belgium's Finest Belgium's Finest
  5. Missing White Girl
    by Vāmācāra
    Upon the Mount of Olives Upon the Mount of Olives
    The thing with music that's this abstract, is that it's abstract. While not very accessible, it takes a very subtle, yet highly skilled hand, and that's exactly what you get with this release.
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  6. Dada Grunge & Essene Funk
    by Nurgul Jones
    Wizard of Duamutef Wizard of Duamutef
    If you liked Ghosts by NiN, you'll love this. It's got an eerie folk spin on experimental electro that makes it perfect for an indie horror movie soundtrack.
  7. Blue Heron
    by Old Soul
    Typha Typha
    Even more heartbreaking than this album, was discovering the band long after they had disbanded. Regardless, this album is absolutely captivating-a spellbinding soundscape painted by a brush of passionate heartache. And screams. Lots of screams.
    Near Dark Near Dark
    Really really good stuff. A little moody and dark but still upbeat and highly accessible listening. Would recommend for those just getting to know post rock.
  9. The Cold Testament
    by Book of Black Earth
    I See Demons I See Demons
    This album certainly lives up to its name; it is cold, bloody, and merciless. Filled with towering riffs and blast beats that rattle the dead in their coffins, this fire-and-brimstone take on death/black metal will leave the listener enthralled.
  10. With hearts toward none LP 2012
    by Mgła
    With hearts toward none II With hearts toward none II
    Another flawless release by the masters Mgła. Black metal that sails in the clouds of Hades on tremolo riffs carved from hate itself.
  11. What Graceless Dawn
    (Was It) The Cruelest Thing (Was It) The Cruelest Thing
    It took me several listens to really get into this album, but before long I fell in love with this album. It's blissful but at no sacrifice to movement or musicianship. It's ambient/chamber metal crafted with utmost contemplation.
  12. The Velvet Rut EP
    by Pushmen
    Oracular Stammering Oracular Stammering
    I found this EP immediately after thinking "I hope Pushmen comes out with a new release soon" and I was not disappointed. Done in true Pushmen style, this EP is a torrent of ferocious noise that grabs you by the throat and throttles you into submission.
    FILES=666 FILES=666
    Simply put, this shit stomps. Pretty much exactly what you would imagine a computer playing metal to sound like. It's technical, relentless, and unfeeling.
  14. Devoid of Light
    by UADA
    Natus Eclipsim Natus Eclipsim
    The best thing about this album is this album. From start to finish, UADA delivers masterfully crafted black art that grabs you by the throat and throttles you with break-neck speed blast beats and tremolo riffs. Black metal done in true spirit, with some modern twists thrown on it. Headbangable. Amazing. Full stop.
  15. Exercises in futility LP 2015
    by Mgła
    Exercises in futility I Exercises in futility I
    This bleak beauty is easily the best metal album I've heard this year. Intuitive, melodic, and emotional, with no loss to its trve blackened nature, this album is a tour de force of cold, biting black metal.
  16. Vntrve
    by MANES
    Broken Fire (Slow Boat Alternate Mix) Broken Fire (Slow Boat Alternate Mix)
    Going into this EP I had no idea what to expect, but I was not at all expecting this beauty, and I was not prepared for the deep emotional weight it bares. Escaping the confines of music classification, Vntrve hovers somewhere out in the ether, wailing a mourning sound that echoes carries across the fields of goth rock, electronic, and trip hop.
  17. B1 Monoloc feat. Tijana T - No GHSTS
    by Monoloc
    Murky, deep, obscure, meditative. Sounds like Burial went down a very dark rabbit hole.
  18. Old Sunlight
    Body Within A Body Body Within A Body
    While some bands spend their entire career perfecting their sound, Latitudes reaches new pinnacles of sound in just 2 albums. Leaps and bounds ahead of their debut, Old Sunlight not only redefines the band, but metal as we know it. This album goes places never yet imagined with remarkable sophistication and utter confidence in this tera nova of blackened sound.
  19. Abyss Of Longing Throats
    The Holy Body The Holy Body
    One's exposure to Mories' lexicon of horror is incomplete without listening to this album. Much more composed, meditated on, that other Gnaw Their Tongues albums; a grinding, agonized, howling abomination lurching about and poisoning all it touches. Yet amidst the claustrophobic atmosphere of dread, there is an underbelly of palpable sadness; an air of loss.
  20. Rivers & Shores
    by Black Hill & heklAa
    heklAa - Eden heklAa - Eden
    A soundscape of both sadness and bliss, Rivers & Shores transports the listener to tower peaks overlooking endless wilderness, called to reflect on self in a place of solemn quietude. Perfect soundtrack for a calm winter's evening.
  21. Early Frost
    by heiress
    Damaged New Wind Damaged New Wind
    Lots of energy meets tons of atmosphere. Rage meets meditation and then some. The emotion is palpable and the riffs fucking rock. But the best part about this album is how the music speaks for itself, leaves nothing out while carving out its own little corner in the post metal underworld.
    by Ulver
    Moody Stix Moody Stix
    While delving seemingly deeper into the realm of drone than Ulver ever has, this album definitely feels like the next logical step for this group. The minimalist approach to this album is the key to its lofty and otherworldly tone.
  23. Audio Noir
    by Bossk
    The Reverie II The Reverie II
    Audio Noir captures such a sound that is both towering and lush. The sound moves very organically as it flows from fields of audial bliss into high caliber crushing riffs. Blissful, nostalgic, and at times melancholic.
  24. Night//////\\\\\\Day
    by Dan Mason
    Connections Connections
    Completely stumbled upon this by accident...but I love the way this album wanders from vaporwave to drone and beyond. Really cool stuff!
  25. The Tunnels
    Probing The Abyss Probing The Abyss
    A perfect album for fall/winter nights, this cold and bizarre album creates a unique experience that walks the listener through a foggy, twisted, and malevolent soundscape of dark ambient black metal.
  26. Agonist
    by Latitudes
    Fluxes of the Womb Fluxes of the Womb
    Latitudes' unique take on post metal begins to take form their powerful, melancholic, and progressive first full length release. Definitely a must listen for fans of post metal and black metal alike.
  27. Wenn die leere Seele zur Hölle fährt
    Thieves with Swollen Tongues Thieves with Swollen Tongues
    It is apparent that we are dealing with someone well versed in the blackened arts. With remnants of ADERLATING scattered amongst this unholy amalgamation of cold and warping black art, the result is a soundscape that both crushes and maddens.
  28. My Bones Hold a Stillness
    by VRTRA
    Perpetually Hag Ridden Perpetually Hag Ridden
    This demo is pure fucking evil, leaving the listener to gawk at the horrors left to be released by VRTRA.
  29. Stagnant Perceptions
    by Cara Neir
    The Bridge of Despise The Bridge of Despise
    This band was introduced to me as a lovechild between Deafheaven & Converge. While I think Cara Neir brings much much more than just that to the table, I think that is an accurate place to start.
  30. Guidance
    by Russian Circles
    Afrika Afrika
    Once again, Russian Circles shows that within just 42 minutes, the band can encapsulate so many differently vibrate emotions, and capture them thoroughly. Lofty meadows of bliss give way to towering mountains of enormous riffs. Russian Circles present this post metal masterpiece that is also highly accessible to music lovers in general, easily making Guidance one of the more notable releases in 2016.
  31. Warriors
    by Too Many Zooz
    Yet another fantastic track by Too Many Zooz, capturing an energy that only brass can. It plays like dubstep but listens like jazz. Undoubetly a "banger", so to speak.
  32. Notre Amour Est Assez Puissant Pour Détruire Ce Putain De Monde
    by Metronome Charisma
    MMaybe MMaybe
    Tantric, chaotic, dense, passionate, and tragic. The album opens pressing its full weight against the listener, but as the songs progress the album peels away layers of anger and gives way to heartbreaking melodies that form a maelstrom tantrum of love, resentment, anger, and pessimism.
  33. Brasil World Cup 2034
    by wosX
    Um Jogo Um Jogo
    What makes this such a great album to listen to is it's hazy, comforting energy. This could be the soundtrack to your next morning jog, road trip, or down time all at once. While atmospheric, it isn't warping and dissociative. There is activity, as samba beats keep the give the music movement. But at a leisurely pace, allowing the listener time to drown in the soundscapes painted around them. The music hums of sun, sweat, & happiness, making it an ideal mix for any happy moment.
  34. Split w/ Altar Of Plagues
    Møn Møn
    This is a great split that showcases two very different takes on a similar vein of music. We have Year of no Light (one of my personal favorites) with a track slightly more mellow than their usual port rock operatic movements, and Altar of Plagues who can create peaceful yet dismal atmosphere, but are also masters of avant-garde black metal sound.