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  1. Earth
    by Skraekoedlan
  2. Asheran
    by DVNE
  3. Monoliths
    by Turtle Skull
  4. From Elsewhere
    by Pseudo Mind Hive
  5. Of Seers and Sirens
    by Pseudo Mind Hive
  6. Volume III
    by Pseudo Mind Hive
  7. Progenitor
    by DVNE
  8. Aurora Majesty
    by DVNE
  9. Oweynagat
    by Dool
  10. Stacking Smoke
    by Autumn
  11. Devil Electric
    by Devil Electric
  12. Helios - Part One
    by Catchlight
  13. Forever Black
    by Cirith Ungol
  14. Je connais un guerrier Maasaï
    by Kosmos
  15. Without New Growth Process is Bloodshed
    by Astrakhan
  16. Reward in Purpose
    by Astrakhan
  17. A Tapestry of Scabs and Skin EP
    by Astrakhan
  18. Ritual
    by Hexgrafv
  19. High Visceral {Part One} & {Part Two} Limited Release
    by Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
  20. Turtle Skull
    by Turtle Skull