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  1. Quartet (Standards) 2020
    by Anthony Braxton
  2. Duo (Amherst) 2010
    by Anthony Braxton & Taylor Ho Bynum
    by Ivo Perelman, Matthew Shipp
  4. Sud Des Alpes
    by The Rempis Percussion Quartet
  5. Gusts Against Particles
    by Joe Morris / Damon Smith
  6. Blues Town
    by Drobka/Weller Duo
  7. Resorts
    by Devin Drobka Trio
  8. Onosante
    by Paul Dunmall, Keith Tippett, Philip Gibbs, Pete Fairclough
  9. Unity
    by Paul Dunmall and Mark Sanders
  10. The Unexpected Visitor
    by Gus Garside and Hervé Perez
  11. The Clear Revolution
    by Cyclone Trio
  12. Creation
    by Sabir Mateen, Christopher Dell, Christian Ramond, Klaus Kugel
  13. Aforismen Aforisme Aforismes
    by Baars / Dumitriu / Henneman / Sola

  14. Tonotopic Organizations
    by Elisabeth Harnik & Steve Swell
  15. New Dance
    by Calle Neumann / Ketil Gutvik / Ingebrigt Håker Flaten / Paal Nilssen-Love
  16. Perspectrum
    by Hugo Antunes / Agustí Fernandez / Roger Turner
  17. Goes without saying, but it's got to be said
    by Luís Vicente, John Dikeman, William Parker, Hamid Drake,
  18. Reunion: Live in New York
    by Sam Rivers | Dave Holland | Barry Altschul
  19. intercommunal dialogue 1&2
    by François Tusques & Sunny Murray
  20. Live at the new music center
    by Narada Burton Greene