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  1. Witness the Gatherings (Lo-Fi Jams & Demos) - EP
    by Gods & Punks
  2. Doomed Man Blues
    by King Mountain
  3. Beleaguered (instrumental)
    by King Mountain
  4. Molt
    by Crystal Spiders
  5. Venus Skytrip
    by Psychlona
  6. Psycholongevity
    by Whores of Tijuana
    I was blindsided by SpaceChickenPirate with this fine set of heavy desert tunes.
    Thank you so much S,CiO! Good karma coming your way :)
  7. The Woes of a Mortal Earth
    by Brimstone Coven
  8. TURNED TO STONE Chapter 2: Masamune & Muramasa
    by Howling Giant / Sergeant Thunderhoof
  9. Covering Queen
    by Mos Generator / Void Vator
  10. Collapse and Fail
    by Stonebirds
  11. Sagan Om Rymden
    by Kingnomad
  12. Ekumen
    by Kalte Sonne
  13. Two Realities At War
    by Electric Valley
  14. Lo-Fi Sounds For Hi-Fi People
    by The Dry Mouths
  15. Never Seen The Devil
    by Electric Belt.
  16. Alpaca & Kalte Sonne Split
    by Alpaca / Kalte Sonne.
  17. Akmé
    by SageNess
  18. Overthrown
    by Surya
  19. Turn Off The World
    by Foghound
  20. Forever Gone
    by Wino