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Kik - kinddededont
Kik - kinddededont
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  1. frasierwave
    by chris†††
    KACL 780 AM KACL 780 AM
    Coming Soon!
  2. フラワーズ
    by PEGA
    ケネス· G ケネス· G
    So Jazzy it hurts. Hurts so good that is. I love this album from beginning to end. Specifically track five. Oh my goodness the fifth track on this album is so perfect in every way. It's instrument choices and the way they play out are sublime.
  3. Coffee With Council
    by Vaporwave Club
    Complimentary Buffet Complimentary Buffet
    Awesome album. I feel like I'm walking in a empty pool room in a hotel at 1am. This album simulates the feeling of being in a hotel. It is in short, the hotel equivalent of Mallsoft.
  4. Odyssey
    by HOME
    Resonance Resonance
    Every song on this album is so good. They each have their own distinct feeling despite using the same brand of synths. However, one song sticks out above the rest. HOME's "Resonance" is an unrivaled track in the Chillwave genre. The feeling when hearing it start up is like being in another plane of existence.
    by Eco Virtual
    Troposphere Troposphere
    This was my first Vaporwave album and by far one of my favorites. Eco Virtual is a staple in the Vaporwave community and this album is a love letter to 90's weather channels.
    by Eco Virtual
    EDEN 仮想 EDEN 仮想
    Eco Virtual's second album is matched in quality of his first but with a slightly different style of music. If you like Atmospheres 1, there is no reason not to listen to it's sequel.
    by Eco Virtual
    Lavender Club Lavender Club
    Eco Virtual does it again in Atmospheres 3. Song after song bleeds aesthetic nostalgia you never even knew you had.
    by Eco Virtual
    Ecco Bay Ecco Bay
    The end of Eco Virtual's long escapade. Starting with Morning Haze in Atmospheres 1 and Ending with Evening Haze in Atmospheres 4. But don't think he's going out without a bang. Eco Virtual releases a full 4th album that refuses to falter in quality.
    by Eco Virtual
    Prey Prey
    While it may be Eco Virtual's least great album (while also being the shortest), Eco Virtual releases this album with an awesome aesthetic documentary on youtube. Check it out!
  10. Wild Guide to Anywhere
    by Chungking Mansions
    Ananda's Lodge Ananda's Lodge
    The songs on this album are all great. It's a very static album; One of Chungking Mansions less experimental albums. It's easy to listen to in the car because all the songs blend into one another so well, sometimes I find myself not even noticing a transition between one song to the next.
  11. Flight
    by HCMJ
    Posthumous Release Posthumous Release
    HCMJ holds your hand as he weaves across the line between music and noise. As the album goes on, the music becomes more gracefull and easy starting from hardvapour rave-like music and ending with a calming Christmas themed track.
  12. Computer Dreams, Illusion (Cassette Edition)
    by Goober Studio Records
    I run a Vaporwave Kik group and one of our members who writes Vaporwave made a few of these bad boys only on cassette. This cassette is a symbol of that chat and the people who participate. If you're interested in joining, Kik me at "kinddededont".