Streaming not working? Upload not starting? Download not completing? Something else not doing what you’d expect? If our status says all is good, then the problem is most likely with the setup of your particular machine. Here’s what to try next:

  1. Temporarily disable any plugins you’re using, then quit & reopen the browser.

  2. Make sure you have cookies enabled (including third-party cookies).


    We use cookies to offer you a consistent experience across our website. If you’d like to know more about how our cookies are used, please check out our privacy policy.

  3. Clear your browser’s cache.

  4. Try using a different browser.

    We recommend Chrome or Firefox. If things start working, you can safely assume the problem is with your other browser. We can’t help you fix browser-specific issues, but with a little poking around in your settings you’re likely to stumble on the cause. If not, things might be sorted out with its next update.

  5. Still no luck? If there is an antivirus, firewall, or other internet security tool installed on your machine, temporarily disable it.

  6. Restart your machine. Seriously, it’s an uncelebrated miracle how often it works.

  7. If you’ve made it this far, the problem may be with your network.

    Have a look at the network to which your computer is connected. If you are connecting from a business or school (which tend to have tightly-controlled networks), you’ll need to be in touch with your IT staff. If, however, you have control over your network settings, revert any changes you may have made, disable firewalls, restart the networking hardware (if possible) and do a dance to the computer gods.