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  1. Levitation
    by Flamingods
  2. Death To The Planet
    by The Comet Is Coming
  3. Prophecy
    by The Comet Is Coming
  4. Channel The Spirits
    by The Comet Is Coming
  5. The Egyptian
    by Baharat - بهارات
  6. Crystal Gazer
    by KARKARA
  7. Devil's Fairground
    by The Tiger Lillies
  8. In Search Of The Lost City Of The Monkey God
    by The Sorcerers
  9. Airships Are Organisms
    by John Ghost
  10. Harde Smart 7” sampler
    by Various Artists
  11. Rain Walk
    by Jamaican Jazz Orchestra
  12. More Arriving
    by Sarathy Korwar
  13. bààn
    by bààn
  14. Derin Derin
    by Baba Zula
  15. Laissez Passer
    by TootArd
  16. Vas-Y Voir
    by Brussels Art Quintet
  17. Ottla
    by Ottla
  18. Saadia Jefferson - سعديا  جيفيرسون
    by El Khat - القات
  19. Cherry Bandora
    by Cherry Bandora
  20. Ta Dhom Project
    by Viveick Rajagopalan
  21. Hubert
    by N∆BOU
  23. The Sorcerers
    by The Sorcerers
  24. City of Words (feat. TRAP POJU & Mirande)
    by Sarathy Korwar
  25. Mumbay (feat. MC Mawali)
    by Sarathy Korwar
  26. Suburban Exotica
    by Compro Oro
  27. Vo De Liefhebber
    by Grafgravers
  28. Goca Dünya
    by Altin Gün
  29. Ya Raiyat - يا راعيات
    by El Khat - القات
  30. Platanito / Guacuco
    by Alex Figueira
  31. Resense 046
    by Resense
  32. Resense 045
    by Resense
  33. Resense 027
    by Resense
  34. Nitty Gritty
    by Skeewiff
  35. Forest Creeper/Monsters at Gardens End (APDLT012)
    by Project Gemini
  36. Peuk
    by Peuk
  37. Cosmic Love
    by al doum & the faryds
  38. I Should Have Known
    by The Turbans
  39. Ekera EP
    by Azmari
  40. Artifacts
    by Black Flower
  41. Future Flora
    by Black Flower
  42. (GC055) Rustines (LP/CD/digital)
    by The Akulas
  43. EP 'First Provocations'
    by Echoes of Zoo
  44. Spirit Rejoin
    by al doum & the faryds
  45. BNC002 - Jungle Fire & Palov with A. Angelides
    by Beats & Culture