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Augmented Fourth

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  2. Experimental
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  1. Stubborn Persistent Illusions
    by Do Make Say Think
    War on Torpor War on Torpor
  2. Synchromysticism
    by Yowie
    Ineffable Dolphin Communion Ineffable Dolphin Communion
    by planets
    let's talk refrigerators let's talk refrigerators
  4. DROOL
    by Nnamdi Ogbonnaya
    Cindy OsO Ft. mOrimOtO Cindy OsO Ft. mOrimOtO
  5. Demo
    by ██████
    I I
  6. Disappointment Island
    by TTNG
    A Chase of Sorts A Chase of Sorts
  7. Cryptooology
    by Yowie
    Trina Trina
  8. The Mountain Chiefs
    by The Mountain Chiefs
    Hall of the Mountain Chief Hall of the Mountain Chief
    by Carson McWhirter
    IV IV
    McWhirter's music is music by a guitarist, for guitarists, representing the bond between a man and his instrument more so than focussing on compositional and orchestral concerns. Semi-spiritual and often meandering, SNDLPVN retains interest through some change of dynamics and orchestrations while keeping the music centered around the flowing guitar riffs.
  10. The Occident
    by Town Portal
    K. K.
    With what I would consider Town Portal's most fitting album art to date, "The Occident" is a distilled journey into cubist instrumental soundscapes. Utilizing a sound comparable to Dysrhythmia's, Town Portal eschew normal cantabile "leading melodies" in favor of a more pure focus on precise orchestration, bass melodies, grooves, and tight compositions. Because of this "The Occident" is not likely to get stuck in your head, but the listening experience is substantial and more than worth a listen.
  11. King Radio
    by Four Stroke Baron
    Great White Great White
    Four Stroke Baron straddles the barriers between straight-ahead heavy metal, art rock, and cinema, using a generous dose of saccharine (but satisfying) vocal melodies. This is the album many have been waiting for since the release of their EP, and I'm confident none of them are disappointed. Frankly I don't know any of the song names because the album flows so well.
  12. Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar
    by Disasterpeace
    Prologue Prologue
  13. The Second Floral EP
    by Floral
    Town Picnic Town Picnic
    Floral is what the squiggles and doodles you write in your notebooks would sound like if they came alive for your ears.
  14. Popular Demain
    by Alarmist
    SafariSoGood SafariSoGood
    Alarmist are genius at what they do. Once you get to know them, their aesthetic is impossible to mistake. They might sound like math rock but their orchestration is complex in its refusal to assign any one instrument or voice to a single role for a whole song, a balancing act usually only expected of classical composers. Between the delicate orchestration, songwriting, and sometimes crushingly beautiful themes (see: Petrichor), I couldn't pick a favorite.
  15. Ego Depletion
    by an0va
    mandala mandala
    Ego Depletion is a pleasing blend of tasty licks and sexy hooks that will keep you entertained for the entirety of the album/EP. What an0va does is clearly [math]rock influenced, but sometimes it's hard to resist the quantized and quirky textures of old gaming system sounds. My sole complaint with this album is its very hot/loud mastering—combined with the broadband nature of most of the sounds, I have to put this album on about 25% volume to keep perceived volume consistent.
  16. Classic Chips
    by bradsmith
    Sonata No. 5 Sonata No. 5
    Admittedly, I am kind of a sucker for chiptune, Scriabin, Bach, and Debussy, so this was an easy buy for me. What bradsmith does here is not as easy as it sounds—his interpretation of Scriabin manages to still capture the ecstasy of the composition while remaining strictly chiptune. With a great collection of pieces, interesting interpretations, and clever use of portamento throughout, I can safely say that I recommend this album to any Classical/Romantic music fan as well as any NES fan.
  17. Morning, Kepler
    by Alarmist
    Morning, Kepler Morning, Kepler
  18. Bones In The Soil, Rust In The Oil
    by Pretend
    Two-Too High Two-Too High
    This album is, without hyperbole, probably my favorite album of all time. I have no other words.
  19. Yield to Despair
    by Tangled Thoughts of Leaving
    The Albanian Sleepover - Part One The Albanian Sleepover - Part One
  20. mississippiroid
    by mississippiroid
    technology technology
  21. NOVO
    by The Venus De Melos
    White Raven White Raven
    The vocal melodies here are hair-raising. Delicious guitar riffs abound, and TMV influence shows with just a few well-placed freak-out moments. All topped off with superb production. Highly recommended for all math rock, post-hardcore, and prog fans.
  22. Monobody
    by Monobody
    Curry Courier Career Curry Courier Career
    Monobody are masters of their trade—and it shows. Combining lush multi-layered textures with innovative song structures, Monobody have a special way of weaving beautiful melodies together (even multiple basslines at once!). Their use of tutti and occasional improvisation recall jazz fusion, and their riffs and rhythmic structures recall their math rock background. Any way you slice it, this is a sound collage recommended for all music listeners.
  23. early songs
    by piglet
    Slaves Graves and Automobiles Slaves Graves and Automobiles
  24. songs
    by piglet
    Mad Science Mad Science