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Travis Niemeyer

  1. Henderson, Texas
  2. Metal
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  1. Challenger – Turned to Dust
    by Dying Victims Productions
  2. TamaracK
    by SXAP
  3. Borrowed Time
    by Borrowed Time
  4. Treacherous Ways
    by Helms Deep
  5. SAT159: Balance Interruption - Door 218 (2016)
    by Satanath Records
  6. Wheels of Twilight
    by DUSK
  7. Sinful Thoughts
    by 𝐺𝑂𝑅𝐸
  8. Djinn
    by UADA
  9. leni spiritu ambulat ad lucem
    by Ghost On This Earth
  10. God's Country
    by Chat Pile
  11. Succumb to Chaos
    by Vrenth
  12. Red Reaper
    by Heavy Chains
  13. IMPERA
    by Ghost
  14. Bluenothing
    by Worm
  15. The Splendid Iniquity
    by Angerot
  16. The Divine Apostate
    by Angerot
  17. Aldrig i livet
    by Undergang
  18. For None and All
    by SPELL
    Their invocations transport me to bliss. (I can't pick just one favorite.)
  19. Dying of Everything
    by Obituary
  20. Tales Of Othertime
    by Stormkeep