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  1. Reign of the Reaper
    by Sorcerer
  2. Beautiful in Death (Single Edit)
    by Dethonator
  3. Bad Guynaecology
    by BAD GUYS
  4. Antagonistic Bastard
    by Foetal Juice
  5. Monuments To Dead Gods
    by Dethonator
  6. Paris Is Burning/Too Scared to Run
    by Blood Star
    Paris is burning is awesome. Any chance of a t-shirt with this artwork on? Please :D
  7. Thrash Times at Ridgemont High
  8. Close Encounters of the Thrash Kind
    by Bangover
  9. We Will Be Strong
    by Wytch Hazel
  10. Live By Fire II
    by Enforcer
  11. III: Pentecost
    by Wytch Hazel
  12. Undead at the BBC
    by Send More Paramedics
    Awesome to hear these recordings. They have a great vibe. I saw your last gig at The Old Angel in Nottingham, a night to remember.

    Fave tracks here, possible toss-up between Blood Fever and Sever.

    Any chance of merch? My hoody from the mid-noughties has deceased.

  13. Sea Savage
    by GAMA BOMB
    Very much enjoying this release. Particularly keen on Sheer Khan, Judo Killer and Rusty Jaw. Received my T-Shirt and CD, top quality. I think the heavy metal influence on this record has really brought the songs together, with the Halford-esque falsettos and hooks in full flow. The all out Thrash is still here and the 'party thrash', Municipal Waste vibe, but there's something more refined in the songwriting here than perhaps previous GB releases. Awesome album and so much fun. Thanks guys!
  14. Race Against The Sun: Part Two
    by Dethonator
  15. Race Against The Sun: Part Two
    by Dethonator
  16. The Crystal Temple
    by Seven Sisters