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  1. Everything We Are
    by Tristan de Liège
    Intro Intro
  2. 7:45
    by Dpth
    With You With You
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  3. Raighes Vol 2
    by Roberto Diana
    Her Sunshine Smile Her Sunshine Smile
    A new album from Roberto Diana is like getting a ticket for vacations in somewhere you haven't ever been, but you know you will love.
    This second part of Raighes is a little different. It sounds to me like full of the landscapes you observe when you are returning home and the contrasted feelings of the joy of home versus the nostalgia of leaving.
    You will love this album if you like acoustic music full of memories, or if you want background music for a movie scene.
  4. One Thousand Horizon
    by axion117
    Circle of Cycle Circle of Cycle
    by Cayetano
    Glassleaves Glassleaves
    by Cayetano
    Babylon On Fire feat. NEK Babylon On Fire feat. NEK
    by Cayetano
    Doppelganger Doppelganger
    by Cayetano
    Mathematical Sorrow Mathematical Sorrow
    by Cayetano
    Talk To Me Talk To Me
  10. Micro Universe
    by Vladimir Vojnović
    I hate living in the city I hate living in the city
    Awesome music from a very talented musician! Vladimir's first solo album has mixtures of acoustic easy-listening pop music, virtuosity and
    Influence of american folklore music, which gives the whole LP a wide range of colors and contrasts, that can take you from an emotion to another in three minutes or so.
    Recommended if you like music from Jeff Buckley, John Mayer or Damien Rice
  11. Raighes Vol 1
    by Roberto Diana
    S'astore S'astore
  12. Live at The Whisky a Go Go
    by Roberto Diana
    If you are Happy (Live at the Whisky a Go Go) If you are Happy (Live at the Whisky a Go Go)
    I stumbled upon this album and I felt in love with the sound. There is a mystical thing on guitar live recordings that takes me to my childhood, and Roberto Diana is an ace pilot to this trip into my memories. He plays on an honest and virtuous way, that makes feel the listener to be surrounded by magic.
    I researched a little and choose the song "If you are happy" as it reminds me to my granny, who passed away in '08.
    For anyone looking for awesome acoustic guitar soundscapes this is a must!
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  13. Bust Free 20
    by Various Artists
    Mantra Mantra
  14. Fusion
    by Lil'Fish
    White Cloud White Cloud
  15. Soul Machinist
    by The French Touch Connection
    Old Waltz Old Waltz
  16. The Unlearning Curve
    by Post Death Soundtrack
    Dance with the Devil Dance with the Devil
    If you are a listener who is looking for something that melts the Massive Attack atmospheric crecendos with the dark synth-full industrial rock of Skinny Puppy, you come to the right place.
    This album by Post Death Soundtrack last album is a mesmerizing collection of songs. Something that only a good experienced band can come up with. This is a very clever and fascinating compilation of different styles, instrumentation and songwriting. Love specially the drums and the pads.
  17. Sunburn
    by Mike Simmons
    Sunburn Sunburn
    An incredibly solid alt rock album. Every track is a master work of emotionally overwhelming music, which makes my ears oscillate from catchy and energetic sounds, to fresh, simple and beautiful indie-kind of music. Mike Simmons is such a talented songwriter and musician. Consider me a new fan.
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  18. Kolossum EP - Limited Editon 12" vinyl
    by Robertiano Filigrano
    Die Gemeinschaft Die Gemeinschaft
    Dark, moody, and hard-hitting EP from German Music Producer Robertiano Filigrano, which I feel will quickly climbing to the top of Bandcamp electro music to come out this year. Such a nice move to release it on vynil, as the warm of the atmosphere will expand even more.
    I really like the unexpected well-played tango phrase on my favorite song "Die Gemeinschaft".
    This EP is definitely a must have for everyone on electro / dark wave.
  19. Everyone Was There
    by Underlined Passages
    This song is beautiful, just have so much emotion in it from start to finish: specially the guitars. I really like this one, and my second favorite is Calamine, since the video reminds myself searching for music!. I cannot get enough of this band. I hope these guys keep making music for as long as they are able to.
  20. Spitting on the Wounds
    by Manleh
    Step One Step One
    Glad to have found this artist! Good stuff to rock out to. Manleh's beats in this album just want to make me unwind and sit around nodding my head side to side slowly. There are more than one true gem scattered throughout, so make sure to listen to the whole album through! Keep up the amazing work!
  21. CITY
    by beLOey
    My Metro (feat. Purvi Trivedi) My Metro (feat. Purvi Trivedi)
  22. Infraction Point
    by illrecur
    Significant Contract Significant Contract
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  23. Longitude
    by illrecur
    Humalong Humalong
    Listening to any of illrecur's album from start to end turns in a very interesting experience. Each track tells a different story, with different mood and character.
    Illrecur's sound work have the right sound atmosphere to match any movie scene or video game cinematic display.
    Highly recommended if you need cool background music for a multimedia project, but any ambient rock lover will fall into it too.
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  24. Darkest Nights (feat. Jen Tal & the Huzband)
    by Tubby Myers (feat. Jen Tal & the Huzband)
    I just stumbled upon this single from Seattle-based musician and producer, and now I can't stop to replay it again right after finishing. This single is something to put the attention in if you are into the neo-soul side of pop music. The lo-fi vintage vibe and the soulful vocals reminds me a lot to Amy Winehouse stuff that was produced by Mark Ronson. Mr Tubby Myers is such a talented producer!
    Thank God Mr Myers put his music on spotify also, so I can listen more :)
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  25. Rust
    by Christopher Bell
    Smokestack Lightning Smokestack Lightning
    The whole album is awesome! When listening, prepare yourself for a voyage across a wide spectrum of music! Mr Bell' Rust provides indie pop rock, blues, and folk. I had a difficult time to choose which song is my favorite, because "Gone Gone" is my next one.
    Definitely, this is one of the 2016 best albums I've heard.
    Recommended if you like Black Keys, Hozier, that kind of indie pop music
  26. A Thousand Secrets EP
    by Apanemic
    Blind Shot Blind Shot
  27. Malas Decisiones
    by Los Waldners
    Vladi Vladi
  28. Hard Times
    by Vitamin D
    No Love For Hard Times No Love For Hard Times
  29. Moøn Sides
    by Sāligo
    Shivā Temple (ft. GooMar) Shivā Temple (ft. GooMar)
  30. King
    by Katana Cartel
    Melbourne hard rock scene must be shaking. Katana Cartel first single is Catchy and freaking heavy from start to finish! Great riffs and a classic heavy metal feeling that takes my mind to a time when I used to assist to rock pubs and local gigs.
    Every hard rock fan out there gotta get this.
  31. Big Day
    by mister T.
    A True Story A True Story
  32. Come On Home - Instrumentals
    by Red Martina
    Roll Down - Instrumental Roll Down - Instrumental
  33. Captain Of Milky Dinners
    by The Man At The Lamp Post
    Puke On The Window Puke On The Window
    I was on the search of glitches and sound effects to spice a little my DJ Sets. Finding "The Man At The Lamp Post" made my search easier.
    This album is such a source of what comes from sound recording experimentation, and lovers of noise and glitch should definetey add it the their collection!
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    by Manny Marx
    Nagaremono (流れ者) Nagaremono (流れ者)
  35. [TTLF004] Casablancan Slut
    by To The Lovers, Farewell
    Scouting For Funk Scouting For Funk
    This album takes the musician and the listener into a broad spectrum sense journey, from noise and glitch experimentation to electronic groovy dance music.
    The artistic license a musician gotta take to drive this kind of album, grants a difficult role to play, because you either abandon the idea of sound aesthetics, or embrace it.
    TTLF does it on this work and leaves the listener thinking, or dancing ( sometimes both )
    Recommended for exotic electronica DJ Sets, or noise soundscapes develpment
  36. The Day Off
    by Poldoore
    Morning Glory Morning Glory
  37. Searching London
    by Hugo Kant
    Dark Night Dreams Dark Night Dreams
    Hugo Kant is and will always be one of my favorite musicians. His work is always awesome.
    This first EP contains jewels, with amazing flute arrangements and carefully curated movie dialogue samples.
    I recommend this EP, or any of his artwork pieces, if you are into trip hop, instrumental hip hop and vintage beats.
  38. Damaged
    by Seldom
    Ozymandias Ozymandias
    My friend recommended me Breaking Benjamin music and I liked, so I came to bandcamp trying to find something similar to give my friend to listen to.
    My friend liked Seldom second album since play number one, as did I.
    This Houston based band is a real promise for the alternative hard rock scene!
    I suggest Seldom for people who likes Seether, Staind, Breaking Benjamin, or 3 Doors Down.
    Hope you hear more from this band soon!
  39. retrailing
    känner mig så låg känner mig så låg
    This is a completely different stage from the Red Martian, which shows how versatile and limit-pushers their members can be
    When I started listening, I noticed the use of a vocoder to start the album. It simply opens a new sound door to a whole spectrum, if coming from any other of their albums.
    If you like experimental, electronica, ambient, noise and synthpop, this is for you!
    Guitar riffs and solos from Red Martian always comes good!
    Songs like" The Empty Sound" and "On You" deserves a place on Road Trip Songs lists of anyone who are into shoegaze alternative rock music.
  41. I'm Blind To You
    by Ari Neil Nisker
    Woah! This track is so ill! I was looking for this exactly slow boom bap beat for completing a DJ set I am preparing this week.
    Not sure if the chorus is a sample os is done live by a feature reggae singer, but adds the exact dope to the track.
    Ari's rap skills are amazing, and the fact he's rapping about body building adds something cool and funny to this.
    Make more track like this one dude!
  42. Whaterboy
    by Howard Maple
    Whaterboy is the epitome of this soundwork. I really like the use of vocal effects mixed with subtle percussion, and metallic sounds.
  43. Archon
    by Howard Maple
    delay and space echos are my favorite effects. This track is one of my favs. The techno sound merges with dub and outer space sounds and blows listeners mind.
    Recommended for breaks on dubstep mixes, or for starting a techno set.
  44. Tranquility ( feat. Pernille Cortado)
    by Howard Maple
    Howard Maple's electronic percussion makes an intricate labyrinth of rythms for the vocals of Pernille Cortado.
    Love her voice!
    Recommended for those who like downtempo, ambient, soft trip hop.
  45. Estrellas
    by Howard Maple
    I love this track start my DJ sets. The voice sample invites the listener to travel across the universe!
    Nice track also. Recommended for people into industrial ambient type of music.