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  1. Tracks To The Future
    by Waveshaper
  2. Showa Idol's Groove 2
    by Night Tempo
  3. Showa Idol's Groove
    by Night Tempo
    Fumiko Fumiko
    This entire album helped me stay level after I had some IRL shenanigans happen. Been loving everything Night Tempo does. I'd kill to get one of those VHS tapes to come out again
  4. Artifact
    by Waveshaper
  5. The Legacy Collection, Vol II
    by Dynatron
  6. Minecraft - Volume Alpha
    by C418
  7. Ice Breath of Antarctica
    by Ugasanie
    To the Land of Storms and Mists To the Land of Storms and Mists
    It puts my mind in a relaxing mood to explore either polar ice cap and dream that I'll see the mountains of Madness one day.