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Spencer Baughman

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  1. American Dream
    by LCD Soundsystem
  2. Greatest Hits
    by Remo Drive
    Art School Art School
  3. pale machine [MARU-123]
    by bo en
    miss you miss you
  4. FrankJavCee vol 1.999
    by FrankJavCee
    VaporTrap VaporTrap
    Simpsonstrap is my ringtone because I'm a horrible person.
  5. FrankJavCee | Volume One
    by FrankJavCee
    I Wanna Get High With You I Wanna Get High With You
  6. Live at Grillby's
    by insaneintherainmusic
    The Incinerator (Another Medium) The Incinerator (Another Medium)
  7. waifu
    by 忍
    never stop never stop
  8. UNDERTALE Soundtrack
    by toby fox
    Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time
  9. Through Space To See You
    by Future Girlfriend 音楽
    "Through Space To See You" EP Intro "Through Space To See You" EP Intro
  10. Love & Future Funk Sessions
    by Sage Starkiller
    Moonlight Aigis V2 Moonlight Aigis V2
  11. Odyssey
    by HOME
    Intro Intro
  12. Blank Banshee 0
    by Blank Banshee
    B:/ Start Up B:/ Start Up
  13. Pink Dance EP ピンクのダンス
    by Future Girlfriend
    Pink Dance ピンクのダンス Pink Dance ピンクのダンス
    For this purchase being my first foray into the Future Funk/Vaporwave genre, I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised.
  14. Why Pay More?
    by The Soft Pink Truth
    Are You Looking? Are You Looking?
  15. Through the Deep, Dark Valley
    by The Oh Hellos
    Like the Dawn Like the Dawn
  16. Dark Rip (single)
    by Teen Girl Scientist Monthly
    Dark Rip (single) Dark Rip (single)
  17. All Delighted People EP
    by Sufjan Stevens
    Djohariah Djohariah
    Suf is love, Suf is life.....

    The music is atmospheric, theatrical, tear jerking, and straight up beautiful man! A simple google search can provide you with more people who can tell you why Sufjan's music is fucking killer better than I can.

    All Delighted People is my favorite opus to come out of his experimental synthesizer phase, even edging out the two LP's, The Age Of Adz and Enjoy Your Rabbit.
  18. A Time When We Were Glorious
    by Mistaken For Satellites
    Toybox Toybox
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  19. Sports
    by Modern Baseball
    Tears Over Beers Tears Over Beers
  20. "SENIORS"
    by HALA
    Lacrosse Lacrosse
  21. If You're June, I'm November
    by Teaheads
    Welcome to a Jack London Novel Welcome to a Jack London Novel
  22. Modern Dances
    by Teen Girl Scientist Monthly
    Summer Skin Summer Skin
  23. Downers
    by Jamaican Queens
    You Can Fall In Love With Anyone You Can Fall In Love With Anyone
  24. Super Guitar Bros
    by Super Guitar Bros
    Chrono Trigger - Title/Main Theme Chrono Trigger - Title/Main Theme
  25. Painted Shut
    by Hop Along
    Waitress Waitress
  26. Start What You Finished
    by The Hard Lessons
    Sit & Argue Sit & Argue
  27. Forgive Yourself
    by Lemix J Buckley
    Hauntings Hauntings
  28. Home Demos Vol.1
    by PAWS
    An Honest Romance (Acoustic Demo) An Honest Romance (Acoustic Demo)
    PAWS is a band with an incredibly large amount of heart and soul. Two full length LP's allowed for some interesting demo's and b-sides to be made. This collection shows the process behind making 2 great pop punk records and in doing so, captures a very raw and personal experience.
  29. Fun Sucker
    by Holy Golden
    Witch Costume Fits Best Witch Costume Fits Best
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  30. Dark Comedy
    by Open Mike Eagle
    Dark Comedy Morning Show (feat. Toy Light) Dark Comedy Morning Show (feat. Toy Light)
  31. Don't Fuck With Our Dreams
    by The Smith Street Band
    Don't Fuck With Our Dreams Don't Fuck With Our Dreams
  32. We Cool?
    by Jeff Rosenstock
    You, In Weird Cities You, In Weird Cities
    This is the amazing third record we all wanted Weezer to make back in '96, to follow up Pinkerton. Jeff Rosenstock has really knocked it out of of the park with this one. One of my favorite records of 2015 hands down.
    by Teen Girl Scientist Monthly
    Dark Rip Dark Rip
  34. Wake Up Clean - Single
    by Will And The Won'ts
    Wake Up Clean Wake Up Clean
  35. Sweetwater & The Satisfaction
    by Sweetwater and the Satisfaction
    What You Don't Know What You Don't Know
  36. 30 Minutes or Less
    by The Good Excuses
    Farewell Tune Farewell Tune
    This album is a callback to the 90's alt. punk scene in the best way possible. In a world where introspective artists rule, (as depressing as they are good) it's refreshing to see bands who's music reflects a good time. Tracks like The Bride Of Funkenstein and Mr.Rutherford shows they had fun while making the album. Overall, the album is a blast to listen to.
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