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  1. Heart in the Pipes KAUF REMIX
    by Tony Castles
  2. Lucky
    by Ed Harrison
  3. TGR Fuel
    by Ed Harrison
  4. Neotokyo Remixed 01
    by Ed Harrison
  5. Night Drive (instrumental edition)
    by Timecop1983
  6. Immerse
    by Lifeformed
    Paper Pete Paper Pete
    This album reminds me that anything is possible. It has such as inspiring feeling that I listen to it when I want to get things done. I feel like the composer focused on what was going on in the background, on the small things that were left behind, or left in the wake of the creative projects, like old tea left on the table, or maybe the people the coming in later to clean up. Creative endeavors are supported by the people that are doing small jobs behind the scenes.
  7. Conspiravision: Deus Ex Remixed
    by Alexander Brandon, Michiel van den Bos
    Ambrosia Hunt (Battery Park) Ambrosia Hunt (Battery Park)
    In my minds eye, It feels like a modern sound track for a Deus Ex film from the original game. The tracks have a feeling of being so complete that in there own way this album has become a permanent fixture in my life. As if it existed way before it was released, and well into my future. Part of me doesn't even remember how this music began and where it will leave off.
  8. Fastfall
    by Lifeformed
  9. Music For An Imaginary Soundchip: Environmental Station Alpha Soundtrack
    by Roope Mäkinen
  10. Peculiarity of Space
    by JayKob
    Acid Rain Acid Rain
    I feel like I'm traveling in a space ship through nebula and visiting other planets. There is something about space that I am attracted to. As a writer, this music helps me imagine other worlds. Thank you for creating an awesome soundscape that is a companion to me in my journey..
  11. No Man's Sky
    by JayKob
  12. Skywind (Original Game Soundtrack: Fredrik Jonasson)
    by Fredrik Jonasson
  13. Neotokyo GSDF
    by Ed Harrison
  14. 0edit
    by Ed Harrison
  15. Undiscovered Stories
    by Solar Fields
  16. Origin # 03
    by Solar Fields
    We are the dream (Origin 2010) We are the dream (Origin 2010)
    This is a really well designed album. I have been listening to it since it came out to keep me going though work. It was getting to a point where I started getting worried that I would get burnt out. But that is not happening. I think this music touches me on the level of my cosmetic being. It helps me stay creative throughout the day. Thank you very much for making your music.
  17. SPACEPLAN (Original Soundtrack)
  18. Nimodoretari
    by Pawel Blaszczak
    C64 C64
    Thank you so much for keeping the chip tunes alive! Totally brings me back to the C64 days. I like the minimalistic way the music is put together. These tunes just have a fun feeling two of them. Me and my wife bounce in our seats while we're driving to the music. These tunes remind me games I played on the C64 Quite a bit more than other modern tracks that I've listen to.
  19. Leaving Home
    by Solar Fields
  20. Movements
    by Solar Fields