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Trevor Hermosillo

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  1. Isenordal/Void Omnia Split
    by Isenordal
  2. Spectral Embrace
    by Isenordal
  3. Shores of Mourning
    by Isenordal
  4. De Republica
    by Griffon
  5. Promethean Pathology
  6. Only Our Eyes Are Alive
    by Lykotonon
  7. Lost Relics
  8. Brave Draudr Day
    by Draudr
  9. Mire
    by Draudr
  10. The Underworld Obscura
    by Orelisk
  11. Mold
    by Orelisk
  12. Verses In Oath
    by Hulder
  13. The Stone Heart EP
    by Obsidian Tongue
  14. Skuld
    by Nornír
  15. Verdandi (remix/remaster)
    by Nornír
  16. Urd
    by Nornír
  17. Shadowrealm Incantations (Split with Order of Nosferat)
    by Lunar Spells
  18. Sacraments of Necromantical Empires
    by Lunar Spells
  19. Where Silence Whispers
    by Lunar Spells
  20. Medieval Shadows From An Ancient Netherworld
    by Lunar Spells