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  1. Hawaii: Part II
    by ミラクルミュージカル
    The Mind Electric The Mind Electric
  2. Flight Of The Conchords
    by Flight of the Conchords
    Foux Du Fafa Foux Du Fafa
  3. Polka's Not Dead
    by The Dreadnoughts
    Gintlemen's Club Gintlemen's Club
  4. Great Balancing Act
    by This Way to the Egress
    You Never Know You Never Know
  5. Jean-Jacques Perrey et son Ondioline
    by Jean-Jacques Perrey
    Barnyard in Orbit Barnyard in Orbit
  6. Hawaii: Part II: Part ii
    by ミラクルミュージカル
    Dream Sweet in Sea Major (Demo) Dream Sweet in Sea Major (Demo)
  7. I Told You I Was Freaky
    by Flight of the Conchords
    Friends Friends
  8. Into The North
    by The Dreadnoughts
    Roll Northumbria Roll Northumbria
  9. Mighty Seed
    by This Way to the Egress
    M.I.A M.I.A
  10. ELA
    by Jean-Jacques Perrey & David Chazam
    Gossipo Perpetuo Gossipo Perpetuo
  11. Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum
    by Tally Hall
    Haiku Haiku
  12. The Distant Future
    by Flight of the Conchords
    Not Crying Not Crying
  13. Uncle Touchy Goes To College
    by The Dreadnoughts
    The Cruel Wars The Cruel Wars
    by This Way to the Egress
    Gravedigger Gravedigger
  15. Destination Space
    by Jean-Jacques Perrey & Dana Countryman
    Prologue Prologue
  16. Complete Demos
    by Tally Hall
    Banana Man (Demo) Banana Man (Demo)
  17. Live in London
    by Flight of the Conchords
    Carol Brown (Live in London) Carol Brown (Live in London)
  18. Victory Square
    by The Dreadnoughts
    The Skrigjaargen Polka The Skrigjaargen Polka
  19. Songs From Tin Can Alley (volumes I-IV)
    by This Way to the Egress
    Drink it Down Drink it Down
  20. The Happy Electropop Music Machine!
    by Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman
    Pizzicato Samba Pizzicato Samba
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