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Travis Underwood

  1. San Antonio, Texas
  2. Metal
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  1. New Album
    by Boris
  2. Cloud Covered
    by Clouds Taste Satanic
  3. Next To Pay
    by Warish
  4. Fractal Altar
    by Snail
  5. Death Hymns
    by Switchblade Jesus
  6. An Unexpected Reality
    by Gatecreeper
  7. Bad luck
    by Otoboke Beaver
  8. I'm Staying Home
    by Monolord
  9. Keep Drinking
    by 드링킹소년소녀합창단 Drinking Boys and Girls Choir
    love it!
    I'm a Fucking McDonald's kills...but when I heard National Police Shit (first song I heard before checking out the rest of the album) all I could think was "man..wish I could skate again."
  10. Abyssal Trip
    by Spelljammer
  11. Amplifier Worship
    by Boris
  12. Saturndust - RLC [NR-LP/008]
    by Saturndust
  13. NO
    by Boris
    Anti-Gone Anti-Gone
    Full Throttle, pedal to the floor, face melting Boris.
    Best money ive spent all year.
  14. 3: Flight Of The Behemoth
    by SUNN O)))
  15. Divine Filth
    by The Death Wheelers
    by Otoboke Beaver
  17. The Glitter of Infinite Hell
    by Clouds Taste Satanic
  18. Eternal Return
    by Windhand
  19. No Comfort
    by Monolord
  20. Endless
    by Holy Serpent