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  1. AntiSocial Rat Music for The End of Days
    by Rubix Kitten
    by FREE.99
  3. After Parties
    by After Parties
  4. Furio
    by Cat Temper
    Feline Fatale Feline Fatale
    This album is such a blast! Like riding the waves of an 80's new wave dance party tsunami! Can't recommend this Duran Duran inspired album enough! Guaranteed to keep you hyped up and energized till the break of dawn and beyond!
  5. All Aboard
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
    Back on Track Back on Track
    All Aboard feels like a soundtrack for Persona game train sequences, commuting to and from the grind, late night drives out to the ocean, surfing the net into the wee hours of the twilight, or just a private resort for your mind! Get your ticket today!
  6. A Magical Dream World of Faeries and Sprites and Nuclear Nightmares
    by armageddon speaking
  7. Can We Talk...
    by Manhatten
  8. Interplanetary Exodus (Album)
    by Kiffie
  9. Red Porcelain
    by Sidekick Wave
  10. Abandon All Instruments
    by wetcatsmell
  11. Maze With Glass Walls
    by F2RC
  12. Tipentap Bake Snickerdoodles
    by Uncle Fido
  13. Evolutionary Anachronism
    by Dea Decay
  14. All Hallows' Eve
    by Cucurbitophobia
  15. Rainbow Heartache
    by Mega Infinity
  16. In The Metro Lab
    by armageddon speaking
  17. Toilet Metal - The Pee Sides - Full Album
    by Zatrebil
  18. Magic Master - Full Album
  19. Thank You
    by armageddon speaking
  20. Deviated Spirit Realm
    by TWINKLE MARIA きらきら マリア