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  1. Знаєш як? Розкажи
    by Світлана Няньо, Олександр Юрченко
    Untitled 1 Untitled 1
  2. Apokrifna Realnost "На Рєкахъ Вавл҃нскыхъ"
    by annapurna
    Na rekah vavilonskih Na rekah vavilonskih
  3. May I Light Your Cigarette?
    by Herb Diamante
    My Crazy Aubergine My Crazy Aubergine
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  4. A Piece of Master
    by Maria Maze and Herb Diamante
    defectis per pestilentum defectis per pestilentum
  5. FOMA & YARN
    by FOMA & YARN - 1993 (2016 Digital Premiere)
    1.FOMA & YARN -1993 1.FOMA & YARN -1993
    Serhiy Fomenko went on to become a very famous mainstream musician, with no small part owing to his powerful and deep vocals. There is a great chemistry between Foma and Yarn here, with the band playing at a slower pace to better match Foma. A classic for sure.
  6. YARN 1991
    by YARN 1991
    7.YARN - episode7.1991 7.YARN - episode7.1991
    An interesting early set by Yarn; the sound is much more modern than what Yarn is more famous for, with every track soaked in reverb. Olga Gorynina is just as powerful live!
  7. YARN "Pine Tree" (Single) 1992 - Previously Unreleased
    by RITMIKA Tape Records
    The covert art tells all: This single has a cool, misty forest atmosphere that makes it among their best tracks. A shining star in a great band's discography.
  8. YARN ''Etudes" (LP) 1992-93 (Released 2015)
    by RITMIKA Tape Records
    YARN - Viella YARN - Viella
    Yarn's instrumentals are one of the most praiseworthy aspects on their music, and this release shows that the band members could easily stand on their own - while Olga Gorynina and Foma are certainly wonderful vocalists, this set of instrumental works really shows the band's talents.
  9. YARN "Verbna Nedilya" (LP) 1993
    by RITMIKA Tape Records
    YARN - Angel Mriyi YARN - Angel Mriyi
    Olga Gorynina's mournful and ominous vocals pair perfectly with the beautiful instrumentals based in local folk music. A must listen for any fan of Ukrainian music.
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  10. YARN (LP) 1992
    by RITMIKA Tape Records
    YARN - Wait Till YARN - Wait Till
    Yarn's first album is a bit poppier and much less depressing than their more famous sophomore release, but make no mistake, this is a high quality release.
  11. Hartyga project feat. Andrey Bardin "Фуга для степи с органом / Fugue for steppe and organ" (SKMR-133)
    by Hartyga project feat. Andrey Bardin
    Daglarym Daglarym
    Most of Hartyga's releases bring memories of Yat-Kha, but this release reminds me much more of Huun-Huur-Tu given that it stays closer to its Tuvan roots and opts to skip the rock element. Bardin's organ playing, while subtle, really does add to the meditative atmosphere, even if organs are obviously not a traditional Tuvan instrument. Phenomenal overall, with special credit being given to the second track which is where Bardin's classical roots shine.
  12. Megechi Kham: live at Octopus Studio
    by Hartyga feat. Albert Kuvezin
    Kokey Noyan Kokey Noyan
    Who knew jazzy psych rock would mix so well with traditional Tuvan overtone singing and instruments? This EP is a ton of fun and is worth the sub-20 minutes of time it will take - and if you want more, you'll be happy to know their debut album "Agitator" is fantastic as well!