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  1. Island
    by Asunojokei
  2. Tonight's Decision
    by Katatonia
  3. Songs of Darkness, Words of Light
    by My Dying Bride
  4. Black Fellflower Stream
    by Sunrise Patriot Motion
    My Father's Christian Humidor My Father's Christian Humidor
  5. Consummatum Est
    by Grand Harvest
    My Desolate Sea My Desolate Sea
    Mix two parts Mikael Stanne vocals and Bolt Thrower/Asphyx riffs with 1 part atmoblack. Season with HM2. Best served hot.
  6. The Dying Pines
    by Huntsmen
  7. Rosa Mystica
    by Cauchemar
  8. The Weight of Everything
    by Blind Girls
    Dissociating While Driving Dissociating While Driving
    Zegema is the place to be for mathy skramz and this is no different. Infusing their discordant foundation with a hazy melodicism, Blind Girls have created a captivating listen front to back.
  9. Life's Grips to Laughter
    by Homeskin
  10. Cries Methodically
    by Homeskin
  11. Old Smeuse
    by Homeskin
  12. Frogskin
    by Homeskin
  13. Integument Crystallization
    by Homeskin
  14. Each Day Orbital
    by Homeskin
  15. Subverse Siphoning of Suburbia
    by Homeskin
  16. Olvido
    by Nostalghia
    Éphémère Éphémère
    Anyone who thinks innovation in black metal is dead should listen to this. Fantastic release which keeps things fresh with eclectic melodies and diverse instrumentation.
  17. Nest
    by BRUTUS
    Sugar Dragon Sugar Dragon
    The passion on display here is simply unparalleled.
    by Idol of Fear
    Catchy dissonance is my jam and this album is chock full of it
  19. The Quiet Earth
    by Morrow
    Totemic Totemic
    Morrow does emo-crust better than anyone and this new record is no exception
  20. Fallow
    by Morrow
    Crown in Red Crown in Red
    Alex can do no wrong but this album might stand above the rest of his catalog for its sheer ambition and energy. Emocrust at its absolute finest.