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  1. Chastity Belt
    by Chastity Belt
    I miss Oregon
  2. Olympia
    by Austra
  3. Abandon
    by Pharmakon
    Milkweed/It Hangs Heavy Milkweed/It Hangs Heavy
  4. HiRUDiN
    by Austra
    Risk It Risk It
    Oh yeah, it's sapphic time
  5. Feel It Break
    by Austra
    Lose It Lose It
  6. Something To Hold On To
    by Twinkle Park
    nice track dweeb lmao
  7. I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone
    by Chastity Belt
    Different Now Different Now
  8. Landless
    by Eight Bells
    Hating Hating
  9. Phasing
    by No Vacation
    Estrangers Estrangers
  10. Correct Behavior
    by Eternal Summers
    Disappear Disappear
  11. Flashback
    by Whirr
    appears in 1 other collection
  12. Electric
    by Boy Harsher
  13. Blessed EP, Pt. 1
    by Tiga & The Martinez Brothers
    Aphex N Girls Aphex N Girls
    This album's the most fun I've had all year.
  14. Longing
    by Bell Witch
    I Wait I Wait
    One of the greatest encapsulations of the cycle of mourning I have ever witnessed. Where most metal music is content to sit on aesthetics to power the experience, Longing transcends the atmosphere Bell Witch has built and delivers a frighteningly accurate translation of grief, sorrow, and, well, longing. Quiet guitar ramblings give way to crushing chords and shrieks of despair asking why, why, why.
  15. Den Umgekehrten Atem
    by Schwefelgelb
    Im Wasser Im Wasser
  16. Sannhet - Known Flood
    by Sannhet
    Sannhet - Safe Passage Sannhet - Safe Passage
  17. Video Club - EP
    by Mascarpone
    Faceless Faceless
  18. Undone
    by Kontravoid
    The Last Thing The Last Thing
  19. Time to Go Home
    by Chastity Belt
  20. Clash The Truth
    by Beach Fossils
    Vertigo Vertigo