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Thoth Amon

  1. Milan, Italy
  2. Metal
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  1. Box set
    by Wolfpack
  2. Descending Mighty Sorceress
    by Bleeding Mountains
  3. Witch Piss
    by Witch Piss
  4. Weary Traveler
    by Faerie Ring
  5. Hÿss III: The Hÿssening
    by the Hÿss
  6. Ove Tenebrae
    by Bihargam
  7. Most Severe Crisis
    by WIZZO
  8. Living Rock
    by PREDAWN
  9. Blood Chants of Impiety
    by Nephilim's Noose
  10. Lost Transmissions
    by Bullfrog
    Great classic Stoner as It must be! Some hardcore and post metal influences for a great modern and original sound.
  11. Escape to Weird Mountain Volume 8
    by Forbidden Place Records
  12. Season Of The Damned
    by Black Spell
    Occult dark metal in the finest tradition. Dark passages and creepy sounds melted with seventies guitar style. The true Italian school tradition!
  13. Kilverez - "Bring On The Asteroid"
    by Forbidden Place Records
  14. Custom Dystopia + Party Hard(ly)
    by Bitch Queens
    The Worst Thing The Worst Thing
    A solid album of stoner with hard rock influences well melted. Songs that force you to sing loud! Good work Bitch! ;)
  15. Bury Me Where I Drop
    by LáGoon
    Dead and Gone Dead and Gone
    A great wonderful travel in fuzzorama in the tradition of the band.
  16. Gargantuan Blade
    by Gargantuan Blade
    Black Lotus Black Lotus
    The traditions and the rituals of doom are all here. A sad path to a dark destiny, surrounded by heavy shadows of pain. In other words..DOOM!
  17. Temple - Funeral Planet
    by Olde Magick Records
  18. Space Coke - "Lunacy"
    by Forbidden Place Records
  19. The Serpent Coven
    by The Wandering Midget
  20. I
    by Commoner