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  1. The Processes and Instruments of Normal People; Trying and Failing, Falling and Water Running
    by Cremation Lily
  2. Kalk og Aske
    by Knokkelklang
  3. Avgrunnens Klangverk
    by Knokkelklang
  4. Storm
    by Panphage
  5. Drengskapr
    by Panphage
  6. Jord
    by Panphage
  7. Ginnheilagr
    by Panphage & Thul
  8. The Demonstration
  9. Fin
    by John Talabot
  10. Hekatomb
    by Funeral Mist
  11. Frozen Niagara Falls
    by Prurient
  12. Ex Nihilio
    by Rebirth of Nefast
  13. Tabernaculum
    by Rebirth of Nefast
  14. Aequinoctium (Demo)
    by Mòr
  15. Méphistophélès (ou le Diable sur Terre)
    by Pénombre
  16. Savior
    by SOFT KILL
  17. Choke
    by Soft Kill
  18. Stellary Wisdom
    by OLD TOWER
  19. An Open Door
    by Soft Kill
  20. Rubbish Of The Floodwaters
    by Vatican Shadow
  21. Through The Window
  22. Commitment to Complications
    by Youth Code
  23. The Hidden Order
    by Nocturnal Chalice
  24. Sorcery Under Blackened Skies
    by Nocturnal Chalice
  25. Forgotten Voices Sing Again
    by Nocturnal Chalice
  26. Sister
    by Croatian Amor & Lust For Youth
  27. Chasing the Light
    by Lust for Youth
  28. Arms of Departure
  29. Torn From Infinity
    by Natural Assembly
  30. The Fantasy of Love
    by Natural Assembly
  31. Antihedron
    by Devouring Star
  32. Omniabsence Filled By His Greatness
    by Inferno
  33. Black Devotion
    by Inferno
  34. Channeling Death and Devil
    by Israthoum
  35. Of Wolves' Blood
    by Vlk
  36. CN-28 Avanzando Debajo Del Simbolo Del Sol
    by BHL/Volahn
  37. CN-21 Disequilibrium of the Ecliptic Plane
    by Kallathon/Volahn
  38. CN-01 Dimensiónes del Trance Kósmico
    by Volahn
  39. Nox Maledictvs
    by VOËMMR
  40. O Olhar Atento Da Escuridão
  41. Star Treatment
    by Wovenhand
  42. Jak Zabija Diabeł
    by Death Like Mass
  43. Kręte Drogi
    by Death Like Mass
  44. Betrayed By The Sun / Hägringar
  45. Wederganger / Urfaust - "Split"
    by Wederganger