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  1. Ave Mund-Spilli
    by Múspellsheimr
  2. The Doorway
    by Vessel of Iniquity
  3. Vile Command Demo
    by Vile Command
  4. Lesser Incantations of Chthonic Lore
  5. A Diabolic Thirst
  6. Therianthropic Spell
    by Blood Tower
  7. Crawling Nebula of Dismal Light
    by The Suns Journey Through The Night
  8. Methods Of Human Disposal
    by Gravesend
  9. Old Nick - Witch Lymph
    by Old Nick
  10. Melinoë
    by Akhlys
  11. Daedric Disciple
    by Daedric Disciple
  12. PLF / Incinerated split 7”
    by PLF / Incinerated
  13. Demo MMXVIII
    by Ageless Summoning
  14. Nether Tombs of Abaddon
    by Proclamation
  15. Advent of the Black Omen
    by Proclamation
  16. Perpetual Torment
    by Reeking
  17. Kathodos
    by Serpent Column
  18. Bathing in the Blood of the Meek
    by Blood Omen/Slege
  19. Death, Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of Nihilism
    by Adversarial
  20. The Oath of Black Blood
    by Beherit