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  1. Itch Ecstasy
    by Homeskin
  2. NO HELL (Remastered)
    by Sunflo'er
    No Hell No Hell
  3. X Amount
    by Street Sects
    simply commit vehicular manslaughter and dump the body in a large body of water before winter
  4. Phantasmal
    by Cara Neir
  5. No Longer Human
    by TURIAN
    Ten Misfortunes Ten Misfortunes
    when the ningen is shikkaku
  6. The Great Regression
    by DITZ
  7. this place is actually the worst
    by this place is actually the worst
  8. all these darlings and now me
    by Sunflo'er
    straight to vhs straight to vhs
  9. New Catastrophism
    by LOCRIAN
    Cenotaph To The Final Glacier Cenotaph To The Final Glacier
    Cock and ball torture
  10. Ghost Frontiers
    by LOCRIAN
  11. Disgrâce
    by Mourir
  12. Tormentor
    by Lord Mantis
  13. A Short History of Decay
    by CarrionSpring
    Year of the Carrion Year of the Carrion
  14. I
    by Coarse
    Only Death Only Death
  15. Cut and Preserved
    by Coarse
    Shed (Precious Death Remix feat. Hash Gordon) Shed (Precious Death Remix feat. Hash Gordon)
  16. Mariners at Perdition's Lighthouse
    by Ashenspire
  17. Life's Wishes to Tears
    by Homeskin
  18. naïveté
    by Naïveté
  19. Gentrification V: Whitewashed
    by Street Sects
    History Is Everyone's Fuck History Is Everyone's Fuck
    I like it when the guy who sings the songs goes HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHAT IT'S LIKE TO LOVE and then quietly "...someone other than yourself?"
  20. Hostile Architecture
    by Ashenspire
    The Law of Asbestos The Law of Asbestos
    If I ever commit a [REDACTED] on a financial/political centre I will listen to this while doing so