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  1. Skull Echo
    by Julia Marcell
  2. (Nie)pokój Wolności
    by Half Light
  3. Mother
    by Cold Beat
  4. Fear of Heights
    by Wye Oak
  5. Truth or Consequences
    by Yumi Zouma
  6. I Feel Alive
    by TOPS
  7. All Or Nothing
    by Shopping
  8. The Official Body
    by Shopping
  9. Unexpected Item
    by Shopping
  10. Why Choose
    by Shopping
  11. Straight Lines
    by Shopping
  12. The Game
    by Soulpersona & Princess Freesia
  13. Sunset City (Deluxe Edition)
    by Soulpersona Starring Princess Freesia
  14. Fear of Men - Audiotree Live
    by FEAR OF MEN
  15. 'Mosaic' Single
    by FEAR OF MEN
  16. 2月EP February EP
    by SPC ECO
  17. 1月 Wish You Were Near
    by SPC ECO
  18. Across The Universe
    by SPC ECO
  19. Work It Out
    by SPC ECO
  20. Fifteen
    by SPC ECO