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  1. Venomous Curse
    by SUEL
  2. Ascending Into Perdition
    by Darvaza
  3. Lamentos A Poema Muerto
    by Uaral
  4. Sounds of Pain...
    by Uaral
  5. Hjartastjaki
    by Isafjørd
  6. Kvern
    by ILD
  7. Face of God
    by This Dying Age
  8. Funeral Of The Sun
    by Metallus
  9. Funeral Of The Sun
    by Metallus
  10. Odin's Call
    by Metallus
  11. Mourningstar
    by Nattehimmel
  12. Masculine Metal Mutilation
    by Bestial Bukkake
  13. Peine Forte Et Dure
    by Vampyromorpha
  14. Deus Vult
    by Evangelist
  15. Dödens Födsel
  16. Unsolved
    by Welcome To Pleshiwar
  17. Altars Of Cosmic Devotion
  18. After the storm
    by Ofdrykkja
  19. L'inizio di un Incubo
    by Tenebro
  20. Her True Nature
    by The Nest