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  1. If the Stars Shone Now None Saw Them
    by Erreth-Akbe
    Lookfar Lookfar
  2. Legends Of Human Spirit
    by ShadowStrike
    Gales Of Winter Gales Of Winter
    5 long years, and worth every second of waiting. So happy this is finally out for the world to hear and cherish. This is easily one of the very best symphonic power metal releases of the genre.
  3. Celeste Original Soundtrack
    by Lena Raine
  4. Children of the Reptile
    by Children of the Reptile
  5. The Four Weapons EP
    by Children of the Reptile
  6. 300 Dead Rapist Priests Floating at the Bottom of the Ocean
    by Slaves BC
  7. Unyielding
    by Eternity's End
    Cyclopean Force Cyclopean Force
  8. The Vale of Ruined Towers
    by Sequestered Keep
  9. EP 1
    by Sigilburner
    Bleed Together Bleed Together
    Bleed Together runs a melody against a bass line in a way I haven't heard before, I love it. The rest is a lot of fun and I can't wait to hear more
  10. Sleep at the Edge of the Earth
    by Wilderun
  11. The Tiger's Daughter
    by Lascaille's Shroud
  12. Revolution Street
    by Moros Nyx
  13. For None and All
    by SPELL
  14. The Full Moon Sessions (Expanded Edition)
    by SPELL
  15. Crystal Logic (Manilla Road cover)
    by Throne Of Iron
  16. Devouring Mortality
    by Skeletal Remains
  17. Succumbing
    by Nuclear Tomb
  18. No Fear To Persevere
    by Manacle
  19. Monument
    by Cor Scorpii
  20. Ruin
    by Cor Scorpii
  21. MODULE 1
    by WARDUKE
  22. MODULE 2
    by WARDUKE
  23. It Weighed Itself In Silver
    by Exlimitir
  24. At the Nexus of All Stillborn Worlds
    by Zealotry
  25. Turbo City
    by Stunner
  26. Coagulating Darkness
    by Hellripper
  27. Fyrlen
    by Carwylm
    I hate cold weather and this album makes me want to be buried in snow.
  28. Survive or Die
    by Rising Regime
  29. Rebels Beyond the Pale
    by Angel Sword
  30. The Age of Men is Over
    by Feminazgul
  31. Dragon Magic
    by Ice Sword
  32. 2018 Demo
    by Throne Of Iron
  33. Years
    by sun june
  34. Celeste Original Soundtrack
    by Lena Raine
  35. The Primordial Void
    by High Command
  36. The Secartha Demos
    by High Command
  37. Walk Through The Fire
    by Knightmare
  38. Of Two Minds, Stages 1-2: The Ape And The Cage
    by In The Presence of Wolves
  39. Nine Centuries
    by Bulletbelt
  40. The End
    by Children of the Reptile
  41. Walpyrgus Nights
    by Walpyrgus
  42. The Doom of Almand
    by Witnere
    The Runes The Runes
    How has no one found this band yet? It sounds like if Bathory was a trad metal band, and the dude actually sounds FRIGHTENINGLY close to Quorthon. The last time I became this in love with a band was when I found Angel Sword. 10/10 too true for this world.
  43. Akallabêth [EP]
    by Thangorodrim
  44. Live at ProgPower USA XVII
    by LORD
  45. Cosmic Reawakening
    by Crafteon