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  1. Ān
    by Kyning
  2. Map of Dawn
    by Abronia
  3. The Gift Of Isolation
    by Hemingways
  4. Homeschool Shooter
    by Elbow Deep
  5. Mod Cons
    by Fidel A Go Go
  6. Shovel
    by Shovel
  7. Chapter One
    by Red Moon Shaman
    Rolling Sunshine Rolling Sunshine
    Man, this is an incredible album!! Everything about it is stellar, the riffs, the songwriting, the vocals, all of it.
  8. Atlas
    by Besvärjelsen
    Clouds Clouds
    This band has always been amazing, and Atlas continues that proud tradition by being packed with excellence!!
  9. The Singularity
    by Wo Fat
  10. Trapped in a Future Unknown
    by Elusive God
  11. Miasma
    by Terror Cósmico
  13. III - Songs Of Downfall & Deliverance
    by Womack
    Shiny Bones Shiny Bones
    Any band that starts their album with a Jim Lahey (Trailer Park Boys) sample will get my attention, but if that music is as kick ass as this is, then you have my attention in perpetuity. Riffs flow like water, and the vocals have that sound that only comes from the Finnish accent, so this ranks pretty high on my scale of goodness, as it will yours.
  14. Neck-Deep in the Blyth
    by Eat Your Own Head
  15. Colours of Faith (Dissonant Black Metal)
  16. Gloaming (EP) 2022
    by Deepshade
    Eat My Dust Eat My Dust
    Talk about a flash to the past!! The vocals make me think that they're the result of a Scott Weiland and Layne Staley love child, and the music is hard rocking stuff that isn't afraid to try new things while also pumping out solid, hook laden riffs.
    I love the saxophone work too!!!
  17. Planexit
    by Desert Clouds
  18. UTOPIA
    by Great Rift
  19. Graveyard Abyss
    by A Feast for Lampreys
  20. Sleep Panic Repeat
    by Ultima Radio