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  1. Roaring Accordion
    by Strangely
    Newbie Ginnah (feat. Claire Healy) Newbie Ginnah (feat. Claire Healy)
  2. Life (Is A Mother Fucker)
    by TELL
  3. Nicotine Thumbs (with bonus cover EP)
    by Steve Parkin
    Who Cares About The Broken Hearted? Who Cares About The Broken Hearted?
    The opening track on this understated pastoral EP from Perth songwriter Steve Parkin really grabbed me. I can already see this being an EP for long drives and early mornings.
  4. Psychic Lease
    by Leafy Suburbs
    Claps Claps
    I am floating on this. Heard it on the radio, adored its' weirdo kraut electronic vibes and then found out it's excellent Perth muso Lyndon Blue. Top quality ambient oddity here.
  5. Spirits
    by Hayley Beth
    Seagulls Seagulls
    One of Perth's most supurb hidden musical treasures. This is a hell of an album, full of dark, eloquently written and, appropriately for the title, haunted stuff.
  6. Saint Dymphnae
    by Gata Negra
    Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time
    This band! I was obsessed with this band for a good half decade! All of their records! Still one of the best acts ever to come out of my hometown Perth. All of the playing and writing is so perfect. That something this amazing could come from WA really inspired me.
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  7. Octover
    by Octover
    Trois Trois
    I'm heading to Singapore in January, so I was looking up some local music to get me hyped up. I was pretty surprised when I tripped over this record - the production is gritty and angular without coming off abrasive and the vocalist kicks a ton of ass. One of the best records I've come across this year.
  8. Milky Waves
    by Voltaire Twins
    You are the end You are the end
    One of my favourite bands to play with back when they lived in Perth. You can hear echoes of M83 and New Order in what they do, but they bring a completely different sensibility to it. Anyway, this album is great and you should listen to it.
  9. Doctorshopping (2013)
    by Mathas
    Mathas' tracks always grab me pretty hard, but this one brings back very specific memories. I grabbed this copy when I covered it for the WAMis this year. It's one of the best tunes outta Perth ever.
  10. Casual
    by Catlips
    U1 U1
    This record creates a headspace unlike pretty much anything else in my collection. Wonky and tripped out but super-accessible.
  11. soma
    by .gif
    juvenile juvenile
    I'd been a big fan of .gif's entry in The Wknd Sessions, but this record takes their sound to a whole other level. There are echoes of Lamb and pre-showtunes Morcheeba in here, but also nods to contemporary RnB sounds. Very nice.
  12. Sweat LP
    by Hideous Sun Demon
    Moan for Jesus Moan for Jesus
    One of the best live acts in Perth at the moment. Unhinged, crazy shit. Exactly what the world needs.
  13. SEUL
    by Judah Warsky
    Seul Seul
    This EP comes on like a nightmare halloucination - all dark synths, Tom Waits-style claustrophobia and bad vibes. It's marvellous.
  14. Digerbodia
    by Diger Rokwell
    west of vietnam west of vietnam
    This guy is one of the most idiosyncratic producers I know, making an odd mix of world music and hip hop. In the 90's I woulda said this was trip hop but it goes in too many directions for that. Worth smashing your mind on.
    by Midnight Juggernauts
    Cedoption Cedoption
    The last Midnight Juggernauts LP Uncanny Valley was really something; this EP is even better, taking the sounds of acid house and throwing them into new shapes. Some of their ideas remind me of stuff I was making at the same time for The Final Chase.
  16. $ BROKE $ (ft. Ego Boycott)
    Ze! is my favourite Malaysian electroclash badass bitch. She's also the only one. Buy her things, she's consistently in yr face and fun.
  17. Rare Books
    by HAMJAM
    Perth hipsters have been telling me about this band for months and I hate it when they are right but they are totally right, right?
  18. The Cat. Not Me. (2014)
    by Marianne Dissard
    Oiseau Oiseau
    I first saw Marianne Dissard playing an audiovisual alt-country solo spectacular to a tiny crowd at the Rosemount Hotel on a wednesday night. This lady tours HARD. But holy shit - her work is amazing. This album is even better than her previous, L'abandon, which was good enough to make me start learning French. The track Oiseau is amazing - the version on her Cologne Vier Takes is even better, sparer.
  19. Garage Sale Girl
    by The Painkillers
    Rapunzal Rapunzal
    So, obviously, I've done a cover of The Painkillers' Love Cancer. But Joe Bludge's entire discography needs your attention and love. This was the bands' last EP before they broke up. James Baker's drumming is amazing here as always. The arrangements are broadened out beyond their usual 2 piece sound and it lends some appropriately Beasts Of Bourbon-y swagger to their garage pop.
  20. Jacqueline (Clubfeet Remix)
    by Geoffrey O'Connor
    The original mix of this is one of the best Australian synthpop things. This version makes for good DJ'ing fodder though.
  21. Long Weekend
    by Voltaire Twins
    Long Weekend Long Weekend
    This single is maybe my favourite track from a band who have made a career out of making my favourite tracks. Simultaneously effervescent and grumpy: that's how I party.
  22. The Messiah Auditions
    by Nonagon
    On Repeat On Repeat
  23. BONES 7"
    by the Floors
    Built From Bones Built From Bones
    The Floors! Ask anyone, one of the best bands in Perth! Dirty, filthy, rotten garage rock from a band so slick it'll tear your face off. Should be famous.
  24. The Price On Your Head
    by HEEBIEJEEBIES / Hayley Beth
  25. Sojourn
    by The Empty Cup
    Relapse Relapse
    Empty is an awesome producer. Again, one of Perth's best, his beats are always That Head Nod Shit, and that makes me pretty happy.

    Some of this reminds me of Faith No More too. Which is odd and welcome.
  26. Other Places
    by Other Places
    Future Past Future Past
    Synth! Drums! Synth and drums! Imagine if The Presets forget they were a pop band and put out a krautrock record. That would suck. But this awesome.
    by NoEmotion X Aoi
    American Hentai American Hentai
    Try and tell me this album isn't awesome while listening to it. You can't. It's too busy blowing your mind wide open with absurd one-liner rapping and brain-frying beatmaking.
  28. Steady Dedicated
    by Aoi
    Chemtrail '79 Chemtrail '79
    Aoi's beatmaking blows my mind. This is the best introduction to his style.
  29. Lesbian Sweatshirt EP
    by Aoi
    Yrper Sound Yrper Sound
    I already mentioned how much I love Aoi's beats; this EP has some of my favorite tracks on it.
  30. Big Sky
    by Cow Parade Cow
    Music in the Bedroom Music in the Bedroom
    Took me a while to get into this band, but this LP is a knockout bedroom masterpiece.
  31. Simo Soo LP
    by Simo Soo
    Worse Worse
    Whenever I put this LP on in my car, I get speeding tickets. 'Nuff said.
  32. I'm British
    by Professor Elemental
  33. Erik Omen In Atlantis
    by Erik Omen In Atlantis
    AM Lane AM Lane
    Wonky slow motion house music. The world needs more of this.