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  1. Vanishings
    by Magic Dance
    I Need a Name I Need a Name
    Good Lord this is a great cd! I bought the Haunting me EP, but this just takes it to another level. The guitar work is more upfront and the production is perfect. This is a melodic rock album in the truest sense, with AOR leanings smack dab in the middle. I Need a Name and Another Lost Boy are just two standouts, I defy anyone to find a weak track on this instant classic.
  2. Through The Night
    by SteelRush
    Through The Night Through The Night
  3. Haunting Me EP
    by Magic Dance
    Still Haunting Me Still Haunting Me
    This EP has grown on me after about 6-7 spins. As other reviewers have stated, it would fit very well as a soundtrack to an 80's horror movie. Some nice guitar work with slick production (sometimes a bit too much so) that is good to put on for a quick run or work out.
  4. Signs EP
    by DangerRoad
    Rock & Roll Show Rock & Roll Show
    Four song EP...that I happen to like a lot. Check out Rock & Roll Show. Great opening similar to Poison/Kiss. The singer has a really solid delivery in the vain of Paul Stanley, but he needs to steer clear of high notes and stay within his limits. This is what hard rock is about, driving beat and guitar work for miles. Also, check out Wild Heart...mid tempo tune that is catchy as hell, I would have played this on my cassette player and rocked it in the 80's....take my Wild Heart indeed
  5. Old Wolf
    by Old Wolf
    Old Wolf Old Wolf
  6. Just Another Bad Day
    by Contents Under Pressure
    Deep In Love Part I Deep In Love Part I
  7. Lady Beast
    by Lady Beast (Official)
    Metal Rules Metal Rules
    Blue collar metal at it's best. Vocally, the female led band sounds a lot like Mz. Hale from Halestorm on roids. Riffage aplenty here and great production on the rhythm section. I can't wait to wear out my IPOD with this slab of NWOBHM.
  8. Genuine Soul Rock
    by Solara
    Cuckold Story Cuckold Story
  9. Tales never told (Acoustic)
    by HUSH 'n RUSH
    On your own On your own
    by Play Back
    Hold On Hold On
  11. Feel the Pain
    by Amulance
    Holocaust Holocaust
  12. Hideous Appetites
    by Adrenechrome
    Titans Fall Titans Fall
  13. Nothing Bad Happens, Ever
    by Sick Mind
    Wrekker Wrekker
  14. The Weight That You Buried
    by Knuckle Puck
    Your Back Porch Your Back Porch
    Solid pop punk EP here. Played with heart and a longing that hits it's mark more often than missed. Think Blink 182 with vocals leaning toward Rise Against. The acoustic tracks on this EP are well done and show you how the songs, in my opinion, were written. Guitar driven with dual vocals that bring emotion and passion to the proceedings.
  15. Deathstalker EP
    by Heavy Chains
    Fugitive Fugitive
  16. RULE EP
    by RULE
    Sucker Sucker
    Heavy riffs abound...held together by popping bass lines make it a real metal surprise. Clean vocals from a capable singer that compliments the metal leanings on this EP. Rule has some real potential, you can almost hear the sound this band is aspiring to, and they are very close to making a real metal statement.
  17. The Step That Lies Ahead
    by Breakthrough Even
    Losing Sight Losing Sight
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  18. EP
    by Last Of Us
    The Others The Others
  19. What Are You Waiting For EP
    by Marvlec
    What Are You Waiting For What Are You Waiting For
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  20. 88 Mile Trip EP
    by 88 Mile Trip
    00:00/00:00 the Oasis the Oasis
  21. Torch Entertainment's Rock Compilation Vol 2
    by Torch Entertainment
    06 Siren City - Afraid Of The World (Paranoid) 06 Siren City - Afraid Of The World (Paranoid)
    What a value this type of collection is and a major reason why I love Bandcamp. Many great rock and alt. rock tracks here. Stand outs include Siren City's Afraid of the World (Paranoid).and Overscene's Off the Wagon. A couple rollicking rock tunes that will have you asking "where can I find more music from this band?" A no lose situation when you can grab a sampler like this for little or no cost...great way to find new bands.
  22. Cash on the Barrelhead
    by The Mizzerables Undercover
  23. Piece By Piece
    by Fallen To Flux
    One Chance One Chance
  24. Every Last Stitch
    by The Mizzerables
    Fourteen Fourteen
    Short album with most songs in the 2 to 2 1/2 minute range...but what a wallop the 11 tracks deliver. Think of a lighter Rancid infused with some of The Clash sensibilities. Punchy and deep bass lines parade along with some sharp guitar work. Throw in some gang vocal choruses and you have a fun 25 minute rock/punk ride. Check out the tracks Fourteen, Pick it Back up and Every Last Stitch to get the flavor of The Mizzerables.
  25. Get Ready EP
    by Calty
    Wind Of Freedom Wind Of Freedom
    Catchy little EP here. More Power Pop than rock really. Heavy use of piano makes this a good record for those of you that like Billy Joel mixed with a splash of The Sweet. One of those discs I like more each time I listen.
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  26. 24Unity
    by 24Unity
    Paranoid? Paranoid?
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  27. Tattered Youth
    by Attention
    Tattered Youth Tattered Youth
    by Easy Sleezy
    Scumbags & Angels Scumbags & Angels
    The name says it all...Sleezy is the theme of the day. I enjoyed the heaviness of this album and vocally the singer does branch out into some moodier pieces like the epic Guns At Your Door. It is a fast paced hard rock album with a looser sound that I prefer, but damn it if it doesn't work.
  29. In Search Of Light
    by Perpetual Escape
    Roadkill Roadkill
    A pretty dramatic departure from their Heavy Face EP that I found first on Bandcamp. That being said I like In Search of Light better. It is a more mainstream hard rock album/EP. The songs are a good slice of melodic hard rock with the opening track Big Band 2.0 being the lightest of the bunch, but I like the vocals on this track and some underlying heavy guitar work. Check out the The Call and Roadwork to get a true flavor of this interesting band. It gets better with each spin.
  30. Heavy Face
    by Perpetual Escape
    My Struggle My Struggle
  31. Lost Designs
    by Theory Of Resistance
    Let The Games Begin Let The Games Begin
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  32. Chapters Album
    by River Jumpers
    Diamonds Diamonds
    HELL YEAH! Great album here from our Euro friends. This album is full of grit, growling bass lines, punk sensibilities and at the same time very accessible. River Jumpers remind me a bit of Rancid, Sex Pistols with a dash of Blink 182. Check out the song Diamonds, it is a rocker but finds a slice of sentimentality that makes it one hell of a tune. The closing track, Strength of Ten is another mid tempo gem. GET THIS ALBUM IN YOUR COLLECTION NOW!!!
  33. Play It Loud!
    by Closed For Repairs
    Puttin' Up A Fight Puttin' Up A Fight
    Gritty opener in "Puttin' Up A Fight" that kicks off a really solid rock record. Kind of a swing and swagger that I like here. The vocals are passable, but do work in a gritty sort of way.
  34. Torch Entertainment's Rock Compilation Vol 3
    by Torch Entertainment
    American High - Wait (Blow me Away) American High - Wait (Blow me Away)
    A "Name Your Price" compilation of really solid rock songs. I mean for a couple of bucks you get the chance to hear a ton of new/different bands. Check out a sexy rocker called "Sex" by Shund and American High's Wait if you want to get a flavor of this compilation.
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  35. Lunge
    by Lunge
    Russian Prince Russian Prince
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  36. Break the chains
    by Gauntlet
    Hearts of metal Hearts of metal
    Fun little slice of retro metal, circa early 1990's. Nostalgic in a way for me in that I like this no frills kind of hard rock with clear guitar leads and a chunky rythm section. Check out the galloping guitar of the muscular track Hearts of Metal that finishes with a flurry. Vocals are not earth shattering but get the job done. Just put the album on and get your devil horns up.
  37. New Techniques For Beginners and Champions
    by A Family Of Strangers
    Here Without You Here Without You
    Incredible find here! A Family of Strangers play rock with a longing and passion rarely seen. Track Here Without You is the song that Dashboard Confessional would have written if they had balls. Closing track is a fine farewell will a killer bass line opening into a tune that reminds of a heavier Counting Crows...
  38. It Dwells Within
    by Deathalizer
    It Dwells Within It Dwells Within
    Yet another Metallica influenced bad, which I never tire of. Very heavy album with great meaty guitar riffs. The bass player in this band is worthy of a call out. The rhythm section makes songs like Descend and Awaken pure ear candy for metal fans. Vocally, Deathalizer has a solid lead man you ventures into James Hetfield territory quite often, but has some originality in the slower building songs where he really shows his talent. Very good album for metal heads like me.
  39. Unsung Villains
    by Unsung Villains
    Sacrifice Sacrifice
    Holy crap! Did Metallica release a cd that I didn't know about? Unsung Villians sound a lot like Metallica's Death Magnetic...especially vocally. Seriously, I thought James Hetfield was singing on this. That being said, you need to get this album and check it out. From midpaced rockers to full out metal (minus the screaming) it is full of heavy and compelling moments. Check out the epic six minute track starts out with a moody slow pace grind then revs up the guitars.
  40. Maximum dB
    by DeadBeat Boulevard
    Freedom To Rock Freedom To Rock
    Interesting is what comes to mind. A band that appears to be searching for a direction. Are we hard rock circa 1999 or are we going for a melodic Pat Benetar type thing? Lead vocalist is average, at times good, but she could use some backing vocal harmony to fill out and beef up the impact of the songs. Freedom to Rock is a fun rock song with a nice guitar riff.
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  41. Weapon Of Mass Seduction
    by Thunderunderus
    Screamin' Eagle Screamin' Eagle
  42. Unlimited Nights & Weekends
    by Boyjazz
    45 in the Ashtray 45 in the Ashtray
    Very original and talented band at work. Reminds me of Guns n Roses with some clever lyrics that you swore Bon Scott could have co written. This lead singer has charisma coming out of his ears. Take a isten to 45 in the Ashtray opening and you will see what I mean. The Axel Rose type vocals are melded with some outstanding lead guitar riffs that will have you hooked. Gutsy, ballsy, a bit bluesy and damn good.
  43. No One's Son
    by Son Of A Gun
    Not OK Not OK
    Rock n' roll served up on a fine platter. Check out the track "Not OK" (that has a chorus that you will be singing for days) if you want to get a vibe on this band. I like that I am having trouble finding a band to compare Son Of a gun to. Guitars are upfront here and give the record a "live" feel, not the studio produced garbarge that is in the Billboard charts. Rock on!
  44. Commando
    by Pull the Alarm
    Crime Alley Crime Alley
  45. Rise From The Darkness EP
    by Blessed and Buried
    The Falling The Falling