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  1. (MG034) Cavity EP Incl. Marian Mitroi Remix
    by Deep Policy
    Basis of Human (Original Mix) Basis of Human (Original Mix)
  2. (MGD013) Island In The Sky EP incl. A9000 Remix
    by HoodyLoops
    Flow With Me (Original Mix) Flow With Me (Original Mix)
  3. The Villalobos Kick Drum Mystery EP
    by Capeesh Society
    Unplugged Unplugged
  4. Cali Kula - Les Pieds de Margot
    by Cali Kula
    Cali Kula feat. Fatoo - Les Pieds de Margot (Wild Bohemia Records) Cali Kula feat. Fatoo - Les Pieds de Margot (Wild Bohemia Records)
  5. (MG033) Unknown Conurbano EP incl. Mattu Remix
    by Rihaz
    Vino Del Pasado (Original Mix) Vino Del Pasado (Original Mix)
  6. (MG032) Oxigen EP incl. Eraseland Remix
    by DOMO (ES)
    Oxigen (Original Mix) Oxigen (Original Mix)
  7. (MG031) Six Months Latter EP incl MINT (JPN), Dohen (Gr) Remix
    by Minitronik, Matke, Stiv (Srb)
    Six Months Latter (Original Mix) Six Months Latter (Original Mix)
    the new EP sounds really cool, i luv it
  8. (MG029) Electric Energy EP incl. Never Alone In A Dark Room Remix
    by Lebenfunk
    My Orbit (Original Mix) My Orbit (Original Mix)
  9. (MG030) Underwater EP
    by OutsiDER (RU)
    Underwater (Original Mix) Underwater (Original Mix)
    i luv it
  10. (MGD012) Melancholic EP
    by Thudoor
    Dicap (Original Mix) Dicap (Original Mix)
  11. (MGD011) Devantgrean EP
    by Never Alone In A Dark Room
    Farf' 8​+​2' (Original Mix) Farf' 8​+​2' (Original Mix)
    i luv it
  12. (MG026) Torrus Vinder EP incl. Knyazev (RU) Remix
    by Chapaev
    Torrus Filed (Knyazev (RU) Remix) Torrus Filed (Knyazev (RU) Remix)
    Dope stuff..i luv it
  13. (MG025) BRA - Unlikely Voyage EP incl. Cateran Remix
    by BRA, Patrak
    BRA, Patrak - Mazeque (Original Mix) BRA, Patrak - Mazeque (Original Mix)
    dope..i luv it
  14. (MG024) Absurd EP incl. Tommy Oddone Remix
    by Thudoor
    Burghezie (Original Mix) Burghezie (Original Mix)
  15. Insouciance
    by Illan Nicciani
  16. (MG022) Kai Yum EP Incl. Dubman F. Remix
    by Ilusorio
    Don't Touch Him (Dubman F. Remix) Don't Touch Him (Dubman F. Remix)
  17. (MG013) Hedgehog EP Incl. Niu, Greg Ah Ree Remix
    by Mattu
    SB (Original Mix) SB (Original Mix)
  18. 3th and 4th (Randolph (DO) Remix)
    by ODEC
  19. (MGDVA001) MicrogardenDEEP VA001
    by Microgarden DEEP
    Organic Beat (Original Mix) Organic Beat (Original Mix)
  20. Ecléctico
    by Kundalini
    Ecléctico Ecléctico