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  1. Trembling in the Stone - a charity record
    by Nym
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    We are the Haunted We are the Haunted
  2. Secret Garden 2
    by Various Artists
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    Nym - Cansaço Nym - Cansaço
    Chill. Music to listen to while y'r head screws off, your arms get all relaxed and your heart beats out all the days you've lived,
  3. Destroying
    by Blackbird Raum
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    Last Legs Last Legs
  4. A Sense Of Porpoise 2012
    by A Sense of Porpoise
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    Moustache Moustache
  5. Medicinal Whiskey
    by Rail Yard Ghosts
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    Introsucktion Introsucktion
  6. Stirrin' da Mudd
    by YES MA'AM!
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    Minglewood Minglewood
  7. across the years
    by in the winds, jessie james, briar birdcall, abandon ship!
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    waiting waiting
    Once listened to this a long while ago - took a long time to find out the name hitchin' through latin america avoiding the machete wielding gauchos and grinning at sunsets. Good, reaffirming music to listen to when slightly down giving a coupla drops of faith again. Gratitude.
  8. The World Is Clearly Ending
    by Slow Teeth
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    Planned Obsolescence Planned Obsolescence
  9. Forgotten Streets
    by Down And Outs
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    Tourist in a Tenemnet Tourist in a Tenemnet
  10. Burlington Recordings by Jenke Arts
    by One Monster After Another
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    Wet Brain Wet Brain
  11. Defiance, Ohio - The Calling EP
    by Defiance, Ohio
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    The Calling The Calling
  12. ERODE 012 - Blackbird Raum - Swidden Cassette
    by Erode Releases
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Valkyrie Horsewhip Reel Valkyrie Horsewhip Reel