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  1. Sing To God Vol I & II
    by Cardiacs
    Flap Off You Beak Flap Off You Beak
  2. La Masquerade Infernale
    by Arcturus
    The Chaos Path The Chaos Path
  3. Min Tid Skal Komme
    by Fleurety
    En Skikkelse I Horisonten En Skikkelse I Horisonten
  4. Written in waters
    by Ved Buens Ende
    Coiled in wings Coiled in wings
  5. Dead Like An Angel
    by Korova
  6. The Girl Who Has It All
    by Uni
    Electric Universe Electric Universe
  7. Ark
    by Craig Fortnam
    Ark Ark
  8. memphis in texas
    by Shrubbies
    sabled fur sabled fur
  9. Briny Hooves
    by William D Drake
    The Seashell Song The Seashell Song
  10. Idea Of A Labyrinth
    by echolons)))
    Midwater Midwater
  11. Heya Heya Heya Heya Ho! (2013)
    by The God Damn Whores
    The Harrowing Line The Harrowing Line
  12. Tim Smiths Extra Special Oceanland World
    by Cardiacs
    Rat Mice Lice Time Rat Mice Lice Time
  13. Gap Species
    by North Sea Radio Orchestra
    Move Eastward Happy Earth Move Eastward Happy Earth
  14. I Will Be A Pilgrim
    by Arch Garrison
  15. The Bitter Lay
    by Arch Garrison
  16. Buried Alone: Tales Of Crushing Defeat
    by Knifeworld
    The Wretched Fathoms The Wretched Fathoms
  17. The Sea Nymphs
    by The Sea Nymphs
    Appealing To Venus Appealing To Venus
  18. Pony
    by Spratleys Japs
    Don't You Ail, Flash The Sea To Steam Don't You Ail, Flash The Sea To Steam
  19. The Blue Elephant
    by Matt Berry
    Summer Sun Summer Sun
  20. Yew's Paw
    by William D Drake
    The Kissing Song The Kissing Song