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  1. Hypnos / Flame
  2. HARDER THEY FALL 1989 demo (30th anniversary edition)
    by Integrity
  3. All Death Is Mine (Single)
    by Integrity
  4. Lone Wolf's Howl
    by To Ashes
  5. Sober And Dangerous
    by To Ashes
  6. Liberation Through Destruction
    by To Ashes
  7. The Refusal To Accept
    by To Ashes
  8. Demo 2019
    by xcauterizex
  9. Capture The Flag
    by War On Women
  10. Bridge Nine Bandcamp Sampler
    by Various Artists
  11. Green
    by touche amore
  12. Deflector
    by touche amore
  13. Isolation Sampler 2020
    by Holy Roar Records
  14. Another Promise b/w Flame Still Burns
    by Ecostrike
  15. Demo 2016
  16. CR011- Contempt - "One Justice" MCD
    by Contempt
  17. CR019- Cast From Eden- "The Deafened Art Of Bleeding Secrets Automated On Deadlines"
    by Cast From Eden
  18. CR038 - xconsumetosatisfyx - "Self-titled"
    by xconsumetosatisfyx
  19. CR028- Abandon- "The Death of Urgency" MCD
    by Abandon
  20. CR031 - Unveil - "A Flame With Nothing to Feed On"
    by Unveil