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Toby Fee

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  1. Coney
    by Mel Stone
  2. Crush
    by Mel Stone
  3. Clara
    by Mel Stone
  4. Female
    by Mel Stone
    by Black Dresses
  6. ASMR
    by B.R.U.C.E.
  7. bubblegum crises pt. 1
    by neotenomie
    by B.R.U.C.E.
  9. Mitski - Audiotree Live
    by Mitski
  10. Judy
    by Rotten Spooky
  11. Now I Know You and See How Wide You Are to the World
    by Loone and Paper Bee
  12. Tender Resignation
    by Dyke Drama
    Crying In A Bathroom Stall Crying In A Bathroom Stall
    Just a blistering album. About a year later I still listen to it a few times a week. Every track is intense but 'Crying In A Bathroom Stall' is the verklempft release it needs to be.
  13. Savage Mountain
    by Slothfella
  14. Amateur
    by Eden The Cat
  15. Live in a Basement Apartment
    by Eden The Cat
  16. Retired from Sad, New Career in Business
    by Mitski
  17. The Honorable Chief Ahamefule J. Oluo
    by The Honorable Chief
  18. Redline
    by Lazerhawk
  19. Landlocked
    by allison stone
  20. Combined Reality
    by Tropical Dancer

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  1. Tender Resignation
    by Dyke Drama