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  1. INGEN - Syrup Plate (Joe Farr Remix)
    by Ingen
  2. INGEN - Syrup Plate
    by Ingen
  3. INGEN - Bark of Dog
    by Ingen
  4. Placebo
    by 9T Antiope
  5. Boylan,Slimzee,U.S.F- Upside Down
    by Slimzos Recordings
  6. Blynken (Unified Method remix)
    by Ike Dusk
  7. Obscure Object Of Desire (Dawn Razor remix)
    by Insolate
  8. No Fxxxing Soul
    by Pessimist
  9. Break The Tension
    by Rommek
  10. The Damage Is Done
    by Rommek
  11. Plein Soleil
    by Jonathan Fitoussi
  12. Marsupial
    by Robin Stewart
  13. Viet Cong
    by Preoccupations
  14. Human Traffic Jam
    by VR SEX
  15. The Demonstration
  16. Origins
    by Foul Play
  17. Pangea
    by Torn
  18. The blackbird tapes
    by Stubbleman
  19. 今戸焼
    by Kentaro Minoura
  20. A1) Catriel Feat. Hellcrvck - Detras Del Halo, La piel
    by Phormix