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Tobias Schmitt

  1. Ludwigsburg, Germany
  2. Metal
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  1. Area Fifty-Fun
    by Der Neue Planet
    Tolles All-bum. Ba-Dum-Tss

    On a more serious note: Der neue Planet won me over with one of their shows and I've been a fan since. This record really sets a new mark for them. A must for open-minded enjoyers of instrumental rock music.
  2. BADA
    by Bada
    Träslöjd Träslöjd
    If you were looking for a place where doom, drone, post, psych and kraut melt - welcome home.
  3. There Is No Time
    by Church of the Cosmic Skull
  4. Mor
    by KAVRILA
  5. The Republic
    by Thumos
  6. Perished Bodies
    by Planks
  7. refugium
    by rha.
  8. Demo
    by r a u c h a u s
  9. Warning Signs
    by Upward
  10. Demo
    by Breit
  11. Savage Gold
    by Tombs
  12. Im Argen
    by Radare
  13. CVLT
    by Phantom Winter
  14. Breathless, Restless, Hopeless. EP
    by Left In Ruins
  15. Adult Swim Festival '21
    by The Armed
  16. Beware The Sword You Cannot See
    by A Forest Of Stars
    Proboscis Master Versus The Powdered Seraphs Proboscis Master Versus The Powdered Seraphs
    An outstanding example of experimental black metal and one of the very best releases in the genre. And album you won't be able put down til the end, because you'll always wonder what they'll come up with next.
  17. Hinterland - a vendetta records compilation
    by vendetta records
    Germany's best black metal label just keeps on signing awesome bands. Thanks for providing us with hours and hours of great music.
    by The Armed
    Whoever wrote the material on ULTRAPOP demonstrates a deep understanding of modern extrem music as well as pop music (and pop culture) and turns that into the most artstically interesting and enjoyable record I heard in years. Highly recommended to open minded fans of anything heavy.
  19. Mirrors
    Collective Unconscious Collective Unconscious
    It's mathy, it's grindy, well written, extremly varied, and above all, it's an absolute blast to listen to. They didn't reinvent the wheel on this one, but they roll it way better than most other bands in the genre.
  20. Menetekel
    by Rædsel